This blog is about K. Renae P. and her mostly true stories. She an amazing, award-winning educator and elementary science curriculum specialist who helps teachers teach other people’s progeny. She adores science, history, words, numbers, teaching, learning, and everything else in the known world which includes you Dear Reader. Except scary clowns, they don’t count. She does not adore clowns.

K. Renae’s hobbies are breathing, telling people she doesn’t own a television when totally watches too much tv, thinking highly of herself, taking naps, traveling, writing haiku, doing smart stuff, and eating good food.

Want to learn more about her blog? Check out the posts below.

My Vision*

Why I’m Blogging

Teaching: A Love Story

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. interesting and awesome blog… glad to come across it, Renée… 🙂 my very best, lots of inspiration and sunny greetings from France! cheers, Mélanie Bedos-Nicolas

  2. Hi I’m coming from mostly blogging, and I find your blog funny and intersting. I wanted to become a teacher too when I was younger so I look up to your profession. Happy New Year

  3. Clowns and porcelain dolls are horrid.
    I don’t own a TV either and I am very proud – I have heard that watching movies and series on the computer does not count as TV.

    I like your blog very much, made me laugh. I like to laugh.

      • I appreciated dropping by too. I’ll come again, but not today. My cheeks are aching because of you. My face looks weird now, I can’t take a selfie of glamorous me in a tough yoga pose for Fit Friday.

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