15 More Blog Posts I’d Never Write

What blog posts would you write?

What blog posts would you not write?


1. I Haven’t Posted in a While, I’m Sorry About That

2. Why You Only Need 3 Hours of Sleep

3. A Case for Textbooks: Why We Need MORE in the Classroom

4. Traveling Isn’t Worth It, Stay Home

5. How I Stopped Eating Carbs

6. I Won Millions From Sharing a Facebook Post!

7. My One Little Word for 2016: RIGOR

8. Mama’s Famous Chitterlings Recipe

9. Better Your Brand: Stop Writing Blog Lists

10. Why Educators Should Blog Everyday

11. Did You Know? Henry Ford Invented the Automobile

12. Spiders, Ants, and Grasshoppers: The Other White Meat

13. How Google+ Made My Traffic Skyrocket!

14. 10 Reasons Not to Use Humor in the Classroom

15. 7 Reasons Apple Should Push Out iTunes Updates More Often



What are some blog posts you’d never write? You can leave your thoughts in the comments section or write your own blog post. If you create your own blog post, let me know by linking to this post (creating a pingback) or leaving a link to your own post in the comments.

I can’t wait to see what you wouldn’t write!




Check out my first installment of blog posts I’d never write.

36 thoughts on “15 More Blog Posts I’d Never Write

  1. Hysterical. #5 and #9 are my favorites. Love. It. Meanwhile, if readers want “25 Great Ideas For Your Next Scrapbook Party” or “My Marathon Training Regime,” they’ll have to look…elsewhere. Thanks for this inspiration! Stopping by from the SHINE Blog Hop! 🙂

  2. 5 reasons why toilet paper isn’t really necessary :). Great post thanks for sharing, the teacher in me appreciates it! Found you at the shine blog hop!

  3. This is hilarious! Unfortunately, the only blog posts i wouldn’t write that are coming to mind right now are mean or sound mean, so I’ll keep them to myself…at least for now. LOL! Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea and your funny perspective on it.

  4. The teacher in me can relate to #3 and #7 while the bread and pasta afficionado side of me loves #5. This is such a great post full of humor and truth. Thanks so much for sharing it with us on #SHINEbloghop, K. Ranae! It’s so wonderful to have you join us this week!

    • Ha! #7 is very educator specific, and I know it’s true for most of us.

      I love when I can participate in the SHINEbloghop. I don’t like participating when I know I can’t commit to visiting other blogs. Thanks for reading.

  5. My favorite was the one about Google+ ! Lol. I would never write “8 Way To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night” Because I don’t even know 1, let alone 8!

  6. These were very funny and so true! Especially that first one (might have been guilty of that one before, but never again)
    Some post I would never write;
    – How my life is better WITHOUT coffee
    – How my life is better WITHOUT chocolate
    – Why you shouldn’t read

    • Life without coffee or chocolate is not a life worth living! Unless my doctors says I have too. Then I’d have to live a life sneaking coffee and chocolate. 😦

      ‘Why you shouldn’t read’ – If I wrote that, it would be a M.Night Shyamalan post. You’d think you were getting one thing and BAM; I’m hitting you with reasons like: You don’t have to worry about going on great adventures. and So you can think less..

  7. I won’t ever write the “I’m Sorry” post either–sometimes I’ll give a heads-up about an absence or mention something about why I’ve been missing but it’s not a “I’m the worst! Sorry!”

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