If We Were Having Coffee: Cameras and Molasses

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Image via Baking Bites | www.bakingbites.comIf we were having coffee, we’d talk about cameras. I’ve wanted a new camera for well over a year. I know it’s been over a year because a few days ago Facebook‘s On This Day told me. My On This Day featured a status update where I complained about wanting a new camera. Here I am, a year older and more amazing, and I’m still using my Samsung phone as my go to camera.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my Samsung camera phone. It has served me well, but it, like all camera phones, has its limitations.  So, what do I want? Great question, I want a camera that: is digital (apparently camera film is still a thing), has a good zoom, doesn’t take mediocre low light pictures, has WiFi capabilities, takes good action shots, doesn’t require different lenses to take good pictures, is compact, is lightweight, uses regular batteries, takes great video, has options that aren’t confusing & frustrating, and will automatically download my pictures to my Dropbox or other cloud thingy. I want something that is a step above a point and shoot and several steps below one of those complicated cameras.

Is that a telescope or a camera?

Is that a telescope or a camera?

Apparently, I want some sort of unicorn camera because I can’t find what I want.


If we were having coffee, I’d whine about how this week moved slower than molasses. I swear something must have been wrong with the rotation of the earth because every day seemed to last about 5 hours longer than it should have. Work was busy, and every evening I had a social, family, or work event.

I was excited all day Thursday because I thought it was Friday. When I told one of my coworkers, I’ll see Monday, she responded, Oh, are you off tomorrow? That’s when I realized that it was Thursday instead of Friday. I was devastated!

The worst feeling eva!

Friday started off great, but the afternoon was just brutal. I judged a science fair at one school, worked with some teachers on lesson ideas at another, and had a working lunch with a teacher who wanted help on a big science project. That was an awesome, full day! When I got back to my office, it was only 1:30 PM. I tried to see the big picture. I thought, “It’s been a crazy week, K. Renae. You need the office time to respond to emails and catch up on paperwork. Bonus! Yay!”

I told myself lies. The next 3 hours seemed like 20. Around 3:00, one of my coworkers barged into my office and announced that we still had an hour and a half left, and she didn’t think she was going to make it. We talked about how this week was the longest week in the history of America.

Luckily, I caught up on all of my emails, turned in all of my end of month paperwork, and caught up on everything I needed to catch up on… by 3:30. It’s not like I was done. I always have something to do. I still had projects on my plate, but I didn’t want to start anything I couldn’t finish. So, I finished the day listening to Pandora and updating our district science website. I was able to add a lot of resources, pictures of students doing science stuff, and teachers’ resource suggestions that I’d been meaning to add. I left the office at 4:30 sharp feeling like a boss.

I completely deserve all of your attention and accolades... thank you!

I completely deserve all of your attention and accolades… thank you!


If we were having coffee… What would you tell me about your week? Do you have any camera suggestions? Is there something you’ve wanted to buy for a while but just haven’t gotten around to purchasing it yet?


Note: Coffee image via Baking Bites


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20 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: Cameras and Molasses

  1. It sounds like what you’re looking for is an SLR camera with a good zoom. Mine also has video but it’s more along the lines of clips than extending video. If I hadn’t had such a big day yesterday I’d go and check what i have but its a Nikon. I’m afraid for the serious photographer, phone cameras are Mickey Mouse but some of them seem to be quite good and contradict their reputation. There is always that battle between quality and convenience but a real photographer will lug that equipment around everywhere with them like a tortoise with its shell. I have a backpack for my camera and I can pack my things in there as well. The camera has it’s own home down the bottom.
    I don’t have a huge lens like the one you showed but in a way would love it. I call that lens envy. I have used one of those super big heavy ones once and I couldn’t hold it up and it needed a tripod. So much for spontaneity. We recently bought a little point and shoot you can just tuck in your pocket. The controls are actually harder for me to use that my SLR because it electronically zooms in and out.
    Hope this helps xx Rowena

    • I like the SLRs, and I think that is what I want. Some are just a little scary. I’ve use Nikon and Cannon point and shoots in the past and loved them except that the zoom was lousy. I’m thinking SLR will be my choice, but it will take time figuring out how to use it.

      • They have two major modes…automatic and manual. I usually leave mine on automatic and just adjust the zoom in and out. Depends what you’re wanting to photograph. I do alot of people and landscapes. People you need speed and a bit of fill flash. for me, it’s more about capturing the moment, that expression rather than getting things “right”. Others, are really into the technical side and I certainly knew more about the technical side before I went digital. You had to otherwise you were throwing money down the toilet. I’ve even done a bit of darkroom work but wasn’t very good at it.
        The best thing I ever learned about photography was about utilising light. There is the magic hour at sunrise and sunset which is as it says. Gives you photos rich, golden tones. Makes such a difference.
        Good luck with it all!
        xx Rowena

      • No, Renae. I haven’t but maybe I should. I post my photos constantly. There are better photographers out there but not everyone is able to teach or help others. That could well be a good thread to follow up. Thanks. xx Rowena

      • I have had some good advice from friends over the years. One of them had been a TV cameraman and he taught me about how important light is for your photography. When it’s used to its full advantage, it’s light a switch going off and transforms something from being dull to alive and it’s not rocket science either. Very simple. Good luck and just have go. xx Rowena

  2. Reading your wants for camera, it seems that there is not out with all you want. Students in the future will need to understand science. Thanks teaching. I remember a time where it was fawn for girls. You didn’t go either there or math.

  3. I agree with you on the long week! I was informed by my boss that it is because we have had shirt work weeks since the holidays. I don’t understand how I missed that part! Lol!! I worked..!!
    I don’t know if they make the kind of camera you want…but if they do, let us know!

  4. I had a tough busy week, but it went fast, not slow. It is the boring weeks that stretch into infinity… I like playing with lenses. I’ve also heard that phones have pretty much killed compact cameras, but i know there are good higher end compacts out there, like some of the “super-zooms”. Have you ever spent time on D. P. Review? Check it out: http://www.dpreview.com/

  5. My answer to your final question is the kind that my twenty-year-old self would greet with incredulity/skepticism: a new dryer. I’m done with 90-minute dry cycles! Unfortunately, my list of to-dos (much more abundant than free time) keeps pushing this one down to “next week.” Hopefully sometime next month?

    • 90-minute dry cycles? That’s a deal breaker. I’m from the ‘Don’t buy a new, big appliance until it breaks’ camp, but I think the hour and a half drying time would change my tune.

  6. Cute post! Sometimes our days seem like they last forever. Sounds like your week was productive though. 🙂 When you find the camera you described, post it. I don’t have “an eye” for photography, but I feel like I need a freelance photographer to take pics for me. A girl can dream, right?

    • I hope I can find something I like. I want something I can use at work and in my off time. I may have to bite the bullet and pay a little more to get all (or most) of the features I want. I’d love a freelance photographer too. I’d also like a freelancer editor.

      I was surprisingly productive considering how slammed I was all week. I’m glad I didn’t have to take any work home because our Mardi Gras parades started rolling this weekend.

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