10 Awesome Animal Cams

Elephants at a watering hole

Elephants at a watering hole

Animal web cams are a great way to learn about all kinds of animals and to visit zoos and aquariums virtually. I was introduced to Pete’s Pond several years ago. Pete’s Pond is a pond in Botswana named for Pete Le Roux, a general manager of Mashatu Game Reserve. I really enjoyed watching the feed and the students in my classroom did too. Soon, more and more zoos, aquariums, nature reserves, and even animal rescues started hosting their own animal cams. Now, I have a lot of animal cams I can watch and share with teachers and students.

Word of warning, it is easy to lose a lot of time watching pandas sleep or jelly fish swim or kittens play.

10 Awesome Animal Cams via @KRenaeP

1. Atlanta Zoo’s Panda Cam*

2. Audubon Nature Institute*

3. Explore.org’s Live Cam Feed

Explore.org’s hosts ‘live feeds’ and and ‘off hours highlights’ of all types of animals from around the world. Not all live feeds are active 24 hours a day so you can take advantage of the live feed highlights if you missed out. Some of my favorite cams include:

4. Monterey Bay Aquarium

5. National Aquarium in Baltimore*

6. San Diego Zoo

7. Smithsonian National Zoo

8. Vancouver Aquarium

9. Wild Earth

This website includes several live feeds. Some of my favorites include:

 10. Woodland Park Zoo

*Denotes the aquariums and zoos who have partnered with Animal Planet to stream live feeds. There are several live feeds at Animal Planet so don’t forget to check those out!

Do you have any favorite animal cams? If so, tell me about it in the comments.


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Happy, happy hippo

I’m ready for my close up.


8 thoughts on “10 Awesome Animal Cams

  1. LOVE the panda cam – I used to watch a panda cam somewhere for fun in college and just loved watching them roam around. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of something fun from when I was younger! 🙂

    • You are so welcome. They really are educational. Some really give a lot of information and even journal the animals’ daily activities. Great for reading, writing, and science.

      I could watch the Giant Pandas for hours. HOURS!

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