If We Were Having Coffee: New Year, Same Me

Image via Jwalsh on Flickr

Image via Jwalsh on Flickr

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you what you did for New Year’s Eve. I’d tell you that I rang in the New Year with friends and had a great time. I lost my phone. It turned out that my friend picked it up because we have the same phone and case. I didn’t even know that my phone was missing until she dropped it off the next day.


Image by Joe Shlabotnik

Image by Joe Shlabotnik

That entire situation made me realize that I needed to get a landline again. I swore after Katrina, we didn’t have any cellphone service for days, that I’d never get rid of my landline. Then, I forgot about that declaration and got rid of it a couple of years ago. Since then, there have been events that have continually reminded me that I needed a landline for emergencies and just in cases.

I’d then quickly change subjects and start complaining about WordPress. I know this is supposed to be a new year, new K. Renae, but I never agreed that complaining would not be a part of this new K. Renae.

I was basically MIA from blogging for a few months. When I started posting again in December, there were somethings that changed that I didn’t like. Some of these changes include:

  • New stats and insights give me less access to information that I want.
  • I don’t have access to my old, old stats anymore. I don’t have access to detailed monthly information. (See exciting update at the end of the post.)
  • All these improvements , I don’t have lifetime stats? Why don’t I have lifetime stats?!
  • I HATE the blue tragedy that WordPress considers an “improved posting experience”.
  • The blue tragedy is my default dashboard.
  • My Reader is different. Somehow they made it harder to search for new blogs in the Reader.
  • Freshly Pressed is now Discover. I wasn’t around to learn what prompted the name change.
  • I can’t change my link text anymore.
  • I no longer get a screen congratulating me and telling me what number post I’ve just published.
  • All the new components are low res, light colored crap. I hate it.

Somehow WordPress managed to give me less control over my blog as it made improvements. I’m sure I’m late to the Ugh. WordPress is the worst! party, but I’m here now. One of the reasons I chose WordPress.COM over WordPress.ORG was because I didn’t want to deal with behind the scenes blog upkeep; I do enough of that with my webmaster duties. I am starting to become more and more frustrated with the lack of control I have over the infrastructure of my blog. I want the control of self-hosting, but I don’t want to self-host.

I live a complicated life.


Terrible Movie

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip. I would probably spoil the movie, but it would be okay since the movie is terrible.

I took my nieces and two cousins to see the movie. The girls loved it. I thought it was garbage. I’ve loved the Chipmunks since I was a kid, and I didn’t mind the first three movies. But I just couldn’t suffer this one. Maybe I exhausted all of my patience with the first three movies. In other news, I’m not even going to acknowledge what Nickelodeon has done to the Chipmunks.

I sat there the entire time checking my phone for the time. My niece, Lele, scolded me about my glowing phone and that my phone wasn’t supposed to glow during the movie; she reminded me that “they” said that before the movie started. That’s funny coming from a kid who likes to announce what she’s laughing at while she’s laughing: “Hahahaha… Alvin got squirrels!” and “Bwahahahaha, he ran into that thing!” and “Hahahahaha. He said, Alviiiiiiiiiiiiin.” You aren’t supposed to talk during the movie, Lele! They said that before the movie started!

I took the girls to dinner afterward, and we had a great time. Listening to them talk about that ridiculous movie almost made me not hate it… almost.

Update: Diana, the fearless leader of Weekend Coffee Share and Part-Time Monster, shared in the comments section a link to the old, old stats: wordpress.com/my-stats. I’m a little less bitter.


If we were having coffee, what would you tell me about how you rang in the New Year? 

Weekend Coffee Share

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14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: New Year, Same Me

  1. I am relatively new to WordPress and I must say I didn’t really notice the changes all that much. I never even saw the stats until now (didn’t know where to look for them) and since the changes the dashboard had a little prompt that led me to them, so I kind of liked it. I pay fifty bucks a year to host on a third party host rather than directly through WordPress, and I wonder if some of the changes don’t affect me because of that? I have no idea. I just keep plugging away at my blog, mostly in the dark.

    • I think things are probably different since you are self-hosted. My big issue with the improvements is that we lost some control, but the “improvements” we received were not great enough to justify the loss of control. I’m glad I have access to my admin dashboard, and I’ll just use the new & improved dashboard when I’m on a mobile device. The new dashboard really is better for mobile devices which is why I think it’s “improved”. I write my posts on a laptop for the most part though. I like I having the option, but I also like being bitter so I’m going to keep on complaining. Just how I roll. 😀

      Thanks for reading and keep plugging away!

  2. WordPress has definitely made a lot of changes, and I’m not such a fan of them, either. Especially the stats page changes. The rest of the changes I can generally work around, because my overall dashboard is still the same. I did find a workaround for the stats though that someone mentioned to me–try going to wordpress.com/my-stats. That URL usually still works for me. 😉

  3. WordPress frustrates me all the time as every time I go to use it they have changed how I do things.. I missed the notice when I achieve a new item. I did get a notice when likes where high. I am pleased to meet you.
    World Peace

  4. The blue tragedy – yep, that sums it up perfectly. Or maybe blue disaster. Definitely both a tragedy and a disaster. Me too, I want the control of self-hosting, but I don’t want to self-host! Thanks for warning me about the chipmunks, will avoid, although there is a certain hilarity involved to listening to them chirping in French.

    • I’d love to hear the Chipmunks chirping in French.

      I actually couldn’t decided if I wanted to call the “improved” dashboard a tragedy or disaster. Both are appropriate. 😀

      Thanks for dropping by.

    • I think a lot of people use the WP Admin – if you go dashboard, then stats off of there it gives you the old style stats, except no lifetime for the countries.

      • That’s exactly what I’m bitter about. My missing map. I totally remember being able to see my detailed month to month stats, but I could be getting that confused with some websites. It is what it is I guess.

        I do wish we had the ability to toggle when we want to use which dashboard.

      • Yeah, you can see the countries one year at a time with the new stats, but not all of them. There’s a lot the new stats does, like allow you to compare “likes” and ‘comments” over days, weeks, months and years, but I love the calendar view of the old.

    • I did try and give the “new and improved” dashboard a go, but it wasn’t for me. Too limited.

      I hope we don’t get too many improvements in 2016. Ha!

      Note: I’m sorry if you got a lot of notifications. My new theme is not posting comment replies correctly.

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