My Winter Break in Pictures

My Winter Break

I’m not great with probability, but I can always predict with absolute certainty that there is a 100% chance that I will sleep late during any break.

My Winter Break

The most accurate infographic you will see today. (via Edutopia)

Luckily, it is always my goal to get more rest during a break. It’s a goal that I’m fully committed, and I never procrastinate about reaching that goal.

I’m an educator. One thing we teachers have trouble doing is not working during our off time. Even during our unencumbered time, we are grading papers, attending professional development, building our PLN, going to conferences, developing activities & assessments, writing grants, reading professional literature, and all sorts of other stuff. I currently have two teacher bags full of projects I need to work on because I don’t have any time during work to actually work on them.

But much like sleeping in, I am committed to getting some pep back into my step.

12 Ways to Recharge Over the Holidays by Sylvia Duckworth

#5 is up for debate. Image via Sylvia Duckworth.

So, this break I am committed to relaxing and recharging. Yeah, I’ll probably work on those projects. If it doesn’t get all done, I’ll be okay. And you know what? If you don’t finish all that work that you took home, you’ll be okay too!


What do you do during a break to get your groove back?

4 thoughts on “My Winter Break in Pictures

  1. Sleep! … then do stuff, anything physical, not too strenuous, but the greater percentage outside, weather permitting … and always with a notebook and pen/pencil nearby. 😀

  2. I’ve been cleaning my house all break because it doesn’t get cleaned during the semester! I was going to start on my school projects tomorrow, but you may have inspired me to take a longer break and read something instead.. 😊

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