Teaching Before a Holiday… The Struggle Is Real

Keep Calm. You can do it.

Check out the video from Teacher2Teacher

Trying to finish a unit before a long holiday is one of the toughest things a teacher can do. Check out the video below from Teacher2Teacher.



Sometimes getting anything done before a holiday can be an exercise in futility. Can you identify with this video? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Keep Calm. You can do it.


Video Courtesy of Teacher2Teacher:




Mountain climbing image via Aatlas.

Promises I can't keep


3 thoughts on “Teaching Before a Holiday… The Struggle Is Real

  1. In my system these were used to move a teacher out based on replacement of particular race, gender or ethnicity. The Miami Dade system is riddled with cronyism, nepotism and sex for promotion. That’s why unions fight merit because merit can be used to get good teachers and ease in favorites often of which are minimally qualified. I retired in 2006 but still get enraged over all the nonsense.

  2. High school history, Miami, 33 years. No teacher would try to teach any thing just before the holiday or just after for two reasons : half the class was absent and the other half ain’t gonna do nuttin. I would give a short assignment and just for completing it I gave the student the opportunity to change any F or D to an A. Most did not care enough to do that. The worst of it though was if the administration was trying to “get” a teacher for whatever reason(most illegitimate) they would choose that day for a classroom observation and naturally…

    • I despise administrators who try and do observations that week. They are either doing it to get the teacher, or they didn’t do their observations in a timely manner. Both are inappropriate and demonstrate that the leader isn’t doing their part. Luckily, that tactic has been used long enough that it screams ineffective administrator. Our district frowns (now, it used to not be that way years ago) upon last minute/end of semester observations because the teachers are given no time to improve and in many cases can’t even get their post-observation done before the students leave for summer or winter break. And that goes against policy.

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