The Texas Law Hawk and 10 Other Crazy Lawyer Commercials

The Hammer of Justice!

If you watched that spectacular video, you were graced with the exquisite brilliance of Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk (screeee)! Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk, is a legal-comedic genius. In his video, he promotes his Texas law firm and takes a satirical jab at his fellow tv personality barristers. The commercial is ridiculous, funny, loud, dramatic, and weird.  He’s not taking himself too seriously, and that’s great. Meet 10 of his counterparts…

1. Gordon McKernan has the first 3-D personal injury commercial!

2. James Bergener is the boss according to Danny Trejo.

3. David Komie may not look like an lawyer, but he’s an attorney that rocks!

4. Like Sugar Ray Leonard, Morris Bart is a fighter.

5. Better watch out! Jamie Casino will drop the hammer on you.

6. Call Ken. One call, that’s all. (Lawyers sure do love hammers.)

7. Jim Adler won’t drop a hammer because he IS the hammer. The Texas Hammer!

8. Brian Loncar, the Strong Arm, is practically a lawyering superhero… from Texas. 

9. He’s not the strong arm from Dallas or the Texas Hammer from Houston. He’s Jonathan Juhan with a J, and he’s from Beaumont, TX.

10. If the other guys don’t work out, Pete Reid is the one for you.

What are some of your favorite fun or ridiculous lawyer commercials?

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