I Hated Disney World as a Kid!

Walt Disney World Parks

I hated Walt Disney World as a kid. That’s right. I hated Disney World. I went on the absolute worst trip of my life as a kid, a trip to the Worst Place on Earth… Disney World. I’ve vehemently hated everything about Disney except most of the movies (thanks Pixar!) ever since.

What’s that you say? Disney is magical? More like black magic! Puh-lease, I have no time for your fantastical lies.

Dramatic Backstory

When I was a wee, young lass, I enjoyed playing outside, riding bikes, reading, lying about schoolwork, watching television and movies, dancing, daydreaming, hanging with friends, sleeping, sneaking snacks… all the normal things a good, red-blooded American girl enjoyed doing. I especially loved amusement parks. The state fair, Six Flags, and Astro World were the epitome of everything I loved and held dear.

When my Mom and Dad did an old school reveal that we (including my stinky brother) were going to Walt Disney World (WDW), I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I was going to DISNEY

Yeah, so my Mom hyped us up about all the super dangerous rides and crazy fun we were going to have. It was going to be the best trip ever!

Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t the best trip ever.

Top 10 Mistakes Made on the Worst Vacation of My Life

Mistake #1: We took a lot of detours.

Daddy made a lot of side trip on the voyage from Louisiana to Florida. These side trips included my beloved Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather, and cousins tagging along as well as visiting relatives I’d never met before. Therefore, on some of the days we were supposed to be WDWing, we were visiting people I considered to be strangers.

Mistake #2: My parents did not plan or prepare in any way, shape, or form.

Hotel reservations? No. Tickets purchased in advance? Nope. Some sort of park schedule? Not at all. Driving route mapped out? Absolutely not.

We left home with 4 people going to WDW. We ended up with 10 woefully underprepared people at WDW. Mama and Daddy had a big fight about the side trips and new vacationers. It was one of many fights.

Mistake #3: The adults were not prepared for the cost.

To make matters worse, my Dad and Uncle are two of the cheapest men on the face of the earth. I love them dearly but they are super Scrooges. They complained about the hotel cost, restaurant prices, gas prices, souvenir prices, snack prices, drink prices…

Mistake #4: We woke up late both days then tried to cram in WDW at the speed of light.

Four days of WDW was knocked down to two days. The adults were very slow to start every morning despite our rabid excitement.

Mistake #5: I was told I was going to an amusement park.

This ride is laaaaaaame!

This ride is laaaaaaame!

WDW was/is not an amusement park. The thrill rides were not so thrilling for a roller coaster junky. There were a lot of rides featuring animatronics. Animatronics! Let me tell you something- if you are a roller coaster lover and you think you are going to experience a lot of roller coasters at Walt Disney World, you are probably going to be a disappointed even today. Six Flags and Busch Gardens are amusement parks. Disney World is a theme park. Knowing that difference will make for a better experience.

Mistake #6: My Mom kept making me take pictures with the characters and getting their autographs. I didn’t care about doing any of that.

All I cared about was Cinderella, and she was nowhere to be found. I humored Mama for a while. Then I had a meltdown, and we were done with that nonsense after that.

She's not Cinderella!

She’s not Cinderella!

Mistake #7: We kept walking past the side shows on the street.

I love live entertainment. I’ve always loved it. So, seeing people dressed up and singing in the Magic Kingdom streets was right up my alley. But nooooooooo, we had dumb characters to meet and tea cups to ride. That eventually spurred a mini meltdown.

Mistake #8: We never ate at the parks. The adults brought snacks and sandwiches.

See mistake #3

Mistake #9: We didn’t stay for any of the Disney nighttime activities.


I’m still mad about this to this very day.

Mistake #10: Most of our time was spent at Magic Kingdom. Epcot was an afterthought.

I was a kid in the days when WDW was only Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I was wowed by Epcot when we first walked in. As a science & culture loving kid, I remember thinking, “why in the H-E-double hockey sticks didn’t we come here first?!”*.

Epcot was the coolest freaking thing I had ever seen in my whole entire life. And we saw that entire park in one afternoon. If you’ve been to Epcot, you know how that is a terrible, horrible statement. I still don’t know why we were in such a hurry (mistake #4 had something to do with it).

We didn’t ride any rides. We didn’t eat or take any time in the World Showcase. When the adults were ready to leave, I decided I was done. It was time that I made a break for it. I thought if I just ran fast enough to Spaceship Earth the adults would chase me and see that they were wrong to leave.

While they were whining about how hot it was, I ran. I ran fast too! I ignored their yells and ran to the line. I thought that if I just made it to the line, they would understand how important this all was. Unfortunately, my plan did not go as well as I thought it would. Daddy came and got me, but I had latched on to line rail. He had to pry me off the rail and carried me out of Epcot. That’s what I was told anyway. I really don’t remember any of that seeing as I was in full blown meltdown mode.

From that day on, I HATED Walt Disney World. I’m not going to share the story about the rancid hotel pool, bedbug scare, or the small fire my grandfather started in our roach motel. I have refused to go back on three separate occasions in my teenage and adult life. I vowed never to step foot in any of those wretched parks again.

Spoiler alert: I did step foot into the parks again, and it was pretty awesome.


*At age 9 or 10, I was afraid to say bad words in my head.


10 thoughts on “I Hated Disney World as a Kid!

  1. I too hated Dysneyland. The one in California that is. I went at age 13, with my father and cousins during a trip to California one summer, we flew to CA from MN to stay with various relatives. We went to Dysneyland but only went for one day so I got to actually see very little. Spent the whole time standing in endless lines which I hated as a child hated more at 13, and as an adult I mentally want to kill anyone in line ahead of me to this day. I am not a people person and absolutely was not as a child or pre teen either, I am introverted and was into learning, science, art, and foreign foods even as a child. I never liked other children, even as a child hanging with adults was my thing, ad I never wanted kids of my own I knew this 100% certainly by age 11 and I am 42 today and still have no kids/want NO kids and hate other people’s kids too. Dysneyland was, to me loud, annoying, too hot because living in MN I was not used to hot direct sunlight for hours at a time. Too crowded. We didnt plan either! We just went, for the DAY, didnt stay over, did not eat anything there except snacks, and the snack they got me a huge block of Donald Duck fudge, started to make me ill. I dislike chocolate anyway. I recall standing in line forEVER to get on Magic Mountain ir something, in the hot sun, angry and hungry and hateful of it all, with my cousin who made a point of how sed been there tons of times, didn’t care at all and was bored. The attendant opened a little gate asked if there was two of us? I said tes and they let us cut the whole line. I thought to myself ” why cant we just cut EVERY line? This is ridiculous!” That is the only vivid memory in my mind of any positivity- the line cut thing. Clearly that ought to tell people something about both me and how much I enjoyed Dysneyland.

    • Bwahahahaha! I bet I would have hated Disneyland too. I remember complaining to my brother that if they had more rides the lines wouldn’t be so long. It’s not magical for all of us.

  2. I went to Disneyland last summer and it was interesting to be there as an adult but frankly it’s not THAT much fun. There’s so much waiting in line that I’m surprised any children can tolerate it.

    • I hate waiting in line, and I won’t do it for long. I refuse. When I went to Disney recently, a coworker helped me set everything up. And by help, I mean she did it all herself. I was surprised that I rarely had to wait in a line for more than 10 minutes. She knows every trick of the trade so there’s that. But yeah, many of the kids were NOT taking the lines well. I left the parks during the middle of the day when it was hottest & busiest. Best idea ever.

      I heard Disneyland has more queues because it’s smaller, but there are still tons of people. I’m cool if I never visit that place.

      • The day I went was also an unofficial “Disney Day” on the Sunday following a conference, so there were hundreds of conference attendees there adding to the crowd.

  3. I have been obsessing over taking my kids to Disney World next summer, and now I’m not so sure. At least now I know not to give it the BIG “it’s going to be the best vacation of your life” build up.

    • Hahaha! I think not building it up too much is a great idea.

      I think your vacation will be great. Just don’t make the mistakes my parents made. A little preparation goes a long way. It is surprising how many people don’t have a flexible schedule or make advance dinner (or lunch) reservations. Disney is tough to do without some sort of plan.

  4. This made me laugh so much.

    I’ve been to WDW more times than I can count. My parents liked to take us there and to the Smoky Mountains when we were kids, and that was about it. Every year, one or the other. And sometimes there would be a great big bunch of family, and there would inevitably be arguments. I’m pretty sure that, child or adult, I’ve cried every time I was at Disney at some point or other, although not always because I was sad.

    • I know Disney makes people sweetly emotional. The parks are a cool place especially at night.

      I didn’t travel a lot as a kid, but as soon as I had my own money, I was traveling the country. My parents (now happily divorced) are hardcore homebodies. I have no clue how they raised wanderlusty children. I don’t have to go far. I just have to go.

      • Disney has always been sort of a magical space for me. I’ve cried happy and sad tears there, exhausted ones, too. And I’ve taken my kiddo there.

        But family vacations are a nightmare.

        My parents always got into arguments on trips. They’re still married, and apparently now they go on trips together sometimes, but I don’t think I could be paid to go on another family trip with them. lol

        I love to travel, but I have’t had a chance to in a while. I’m thinking of trying some local spots that I haven’t been to as a way of satisfying my wanderlust.

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