Women in the Men’s Bathroom: A Night with Bette Midler

Bette Midler: Divine Intervention

Some friends and I saw Bette Midler perform in New Orleans. On the way to our seats which were way up in the nose bleed section, we saw this…

Just slap a skirt on him and call him a lady. The Smoothie King Center decided to convert a men’s bathroom into a women’s bathroom. They haphazardly slapped a blue trapezoid on the dude symbol but left the men’s urinals intact. Being with a bunch of ladies trying to use a bathroom with a bunch of urinals right before a Bette Midler concert was a pretty funny experience. By the smell of it, the dudes who used that bathroom previously had trouble hitting the wall stall. It was evident that they couldn’t get things straight. What I’m saying is it smelled revolting.

When I was walking out, I told a lady who was walking in, “Urine for a surprise”. The ladies walking behind me thought it was hilarious, but the lady I told the joke to failed to see the humor. I knew she soon would “get it” so I was cool with her snooty response.

So which one is it?

We will place a lady sticker on the sign above the entrance, put black tape over the word men, and put a blue trapezoid on the dude symbol. Those dumb girls will never know! Mwahaha! – Smoothie King Center Decision Makers

Bette Midler: Divine Intervention Bette Midler was beyond awesome. I was a little leery because I’m not the biggest Bette fan. She made a huge fan that night! Bette was raunchy, funny, and she sang her bootay off. She looked good, and she put on a great show. She’s still got it!

7 thoughts on “Women in the Men’s Bathroom: A Night with Bette Midler

  1. What a funny story. I’m with you ladies about the lack of women’s facilities. — And I’ve stood guard as women friends in need have bravely gone where few woman dared to go.

    Glad you enjoyed the concert. I’ve got tickets for this week’s show in Philadelphia. Can’t wait! 🙂

    • Oh, I’ve enlisted many male friends to be my lookout whilst I used them men’s bathroom. Girls take too long. I appreciate your bathroom service. 🙂

      I hope you enjoyed Bette. She was great! 🙂

  2. The Divine Miss M has had a special place in my heart for decades, which says a lot about both of us! 🙂 … glad to hear she’s still out there strutting her stuff.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I read a few years back that it takes on average a woman to use the bathroom about 2 minutes, men more shorter, that’s why there’s always lines I think. I also read that at some places such as where you saw Bette Midler that they will place bathroom monitors in the bathrooms to help keep things moving; directing women to open stalls, etc. I think the funniest lack of women’s bathrooms were at the courthouse where I used to live. It was 3 stories tall, a bathroom on each floor but for the women only 2 stalls. And while serving on a jury if you only got a 10 minute break, it was challenging to get to the bathroom and back within that time frame. Better planning I think needs to be made when planning women’s bathrooms. Another thing that I think slows down women in a bathroom if the stalls have doors from top to bottom and you can’t tell if they are occupied or not. Gosh, I had a lot to say about bathrooms, does that mean I spend a lot of time in them?

    Glad you enjoyed the show!!!


  4. That is hysterical- as was your comment to miss snooty!! Ladies rooms always have lines, men’s don’t- a few weeks ago my husband stood guard outside an empty men’s room while me and a few ladies took advantage of the empty stalls 🙂

    • I will always. ALWAYS. Use the guys bathroom because we girls often have too few stalls in our bathrooms. Plus, we take a little longer. Your husband is a trooper for standing guard.

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