If We Were Having Coffee: Me Time


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this past week has been a complete blur. I’ve been busy with work, outside of work projects, and family stuff. I hate when I feel like I’ve had no down time during the day. Just wake up, work, and go to sleep. I was feeling a little brick in the wallish. I have a lot going on this weekend too and next week is packed. I have told myself that I will force myself to take a real lunch break (no emails or working through lunch) and not eat dinner on the run.


Check out all my A to Z postsIf we were having coffee, we’d talk about the end of Blogging from A to Z April 2015 Challenge. A to Z was so much more challenging that NABLOPOFROYO because each day is a letter rather than just a typical post. I’m not a daily blogger so posting daily is a challenge. Posting daily with the added bonus of committing to one letter of the alphabet is as if challenging got bitten by a radioactive feral cat.

I am so happy the challenge is over. I’m proud that I published 26 days of education focused posts. I regret that I didn’t listen to all the former participants who suggested 2015 participants prepare in advance and try to keep the posts simple. In typical fashion, I ignored the sage advice of the experienced and waited until the last minute. I had my list of blog ideas set since January, but I didn’t have many posts prepared when the challenge started. This posed a huge problem because some of my posts from my original list required a lot of work. I had trouble working on the fly. Rookie mistake.

If I participate in the future, I know what to do and what not to do.



If we were sipping the sweet nectar of the Gods, I’d tell you that I’m participating in my first MOOCThe Rise of the SuperHero and Their Impact on Pop CultureI wrote about it for my X post. I’m excited to learn about comic books and their impact on science and history. The course is free, but I can pay $50 for a verified certificate. I’m not sure if I want to fork over the money for the certificate. Either way, I’m all for bring exciting learning experiences in my personal life and in the classroom. This really seems like fun. The course begins May 5 if you want to join.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me about your week? How do you make time for yourself? If you’ve participated in a MOOC, what has been your experience? And do you think I should splurge on the verified certificate?

I know I’m asking a lot of questions, but I’m asking you ’cause you know about these things.


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12 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: Me Time

  1. Preparing in advance is huge. I had about 2/3 of my posts scheduled by April 1 (and most of the remaining 1/3 were guest posts, so I didn’t even have to write them) but even I will plan better next year. Glad you enjoyed the Challenge even though it was stressful!

  2. Congratulations on finishing A to Z! I joined a bit last minute, so that left me little time to prepare in advance, thus I didn’t stop by as many blogs as I should have… I don’t recall if I came across your A to Z posts, but will check them out in the days to come.
    As for that certificate, can you decide at the end of the course? If you really, really enjoy it, it might bra great souvenir. 🙂

  3. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I have heard of the AtoZ Challenge. I enjoyed reading a few of the posts but I couldn’t commit to writing daily.
    If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that myself and another blogger will be interviewing each other and cross promoting.
    If we were having coffee, Id’ tell you that I received my first email from a company asking if I’d be interested in doing a product review on their jewellery line. And if course, I said YES! 🙂

    • Yay for your first product review! I got a request to review a product, but it was a product I had already played with at a conference, and I hated it. I didn’t want to review something I already knew that I didn’t like.

      I need to start venturing out into the world of interviewing and guest posting. I’m not there yet.

  4. A to Z was pretty challenging. I am not a planner. I do everything on the fly. At the end of March I ended up in the ER and on the 29th I found out I was going to have major surgery. I almost bowed out of the challenge but didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t but it made it that much tougher. I thought I would be fine except for maybe two days of not being able to blog so I got those two posts ready, in fact one of them was just a reblog of a previously published post so that was easy. However, I didn’t realize that I was going to be out of it for about five days. When I was awake I was in too much pain to write and then I would have to take pain pills (so easy when you are hooked up to the little button where you push it and get the pain meds straight into the IV!) which would put me to sleep. I ended up being a few days behind and having to publish two posts a day a couple of times and then on Sunday, too. I caught up. That was fine but it seriously cut into my reading time. So now I am going back and trying to read at least ten of those A to Z blogs I missed each day. Whoo! I’m tired just thinking about it. I’ll be by to read yours in the coming days!

  5. Man, I am sorry that I didn’t know about your blog during the AZ challenge! I’m going to have to catch up with your posts now 😀 I have done quite a few MOOCs in the past and I have enjoyed every single one. I’ve never gone after the certificate, so I have no idea in that realm. Look forward to catching up with you more soon 😀

    • I hope you can check out some of my posts, and I will of course return the favor. I think I missed you, but with over 1500 participants we couldn’t hit everyone. 🙂 I was terrible with visiting at the end of the challenge. Life got in the way.

      It seems like getting the verified certificate is completely unnecessary since I’ll get some sort of acknowledgement of participation in the course. However, the certificate will be signed by Stan Lee and Michael Uslan (I’m psyched about Lee). I know they’ll be electronic signatures but still…

      Decisions are tough.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I too just completed A – Z Blogging and as I joined a few days late didn’t get to pre-prepare with in hindsight I am pleased about as it pushed me further outside my comfort zone and I learnt more. Next year however as I have learnt what it is like to do it the hard way and the benefits of this challenge I will be pre-paring to ensure it runs smoothly and I can work with my usual posts.

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