The Zenith! My Round-Up: Blogging from A to Z

That's All Folks

That's All Folks

That’s a wrap! I survived the A to Z Challenge. Goodbye A to Z Challenge… until we meet again.

Check out all my A to Z posts

A- AAAS ScienceNetLinks: Great Resource for Science Learning

B- Bartholomew and the Oobleck

C- Comics and Memes in the Classroom 2

D- A Drop Around the World

E- Einstein’s Miracle Year

F- Flash-card Maker from Time for Kids

G- Garbology 

H- How Stuff Work’s Stuff You Should Know

I- Inspirational Quotes for Educators

J- Join Your Colleagues: Professional Organizations for Teachers

K- Keep Organized with Free Graphic Organizers (Printables)

L- Low Cost Dry Erase Boards

M- Michael Fullan’s Topic Videos: Push & Pull: The Role of Technology

N- New Teacher Tips from A to Z

O- Oceans: Deep Sea Dive

P- Michael Fullan’s Topic Videos: Practice to Theory

Q- Questions Answered by Twitter VI

R- Relationship Status with Wikipedia: It’s Complicated (updated)

S- Science Teachers: Freebies from #NSTA

T- Ten Terrible Science Jokes

U- U.S. Constitution and The Andy Griffith Show

V- A Very Important Day

W- We Have To Stop Pretending… #MakeSchoolDifferent

X- X-Men and Education: The Impact of Comic Books on Society

Y- Yawning: Why Is It Contagious?

Z- Zenith! I’m done!

A to Z Reflections:

  • This month was my most viewed month of all time. By a lot. Yay!
  • I didn’t get a lot of visits from A to Z participants, but I got a lot of shares from educators on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ (I’ve never had so many referrers from Google+ before).
  •  I had a schedule of posts planned, but I only had about 15 of those post written or mostly written. I wish I would have drafted more.
  • I had to change a few posts ideas because they required more writing and research than I expected.
  • If I participate again next year, I’ll be a little more prepared.

6 thoughts on “The Zenith! My Round-Up: Blogging from A to Z

    • Yeah. I’m glad I did it, and I’m really glad I made a plan of my A to Z posts a while back. I wish I had written more posts in advance like I had planned. Lesson learned.

      This challenge isn’t awesome on the fly.

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