Yawning: Why Is It Contagious?


Why Do We Yawn?

Yawning BabyWhen you yawn, you take in a huge rush of oxygen. That oxygen enters your bloodstream and essentially wakes up your brain. It’s all about oxygen and energy. Right? Well, that isn’t really true. Smithsonian Magazine wrote that there’s no evidence that yawning affects levels of oxygen in the bloodstream, blood pressure, or heart rate.

Studies have shown that yawning doesn’t increase oxygen levels in the blood at all. In fact, recent studies suggested that yawning may have more to do with thermal stability in the brain. It’s like a way to keep the brain cool so that it doesn’t overheat.

Well, that’s what some scientist think anyway.


Why are yawns contagious?


What are TED-Ed Lessons and how can I use them?Yawning Cat

TED-Ed lessons feature the words and ideas of educators brought to life by professional animators. The video clips are awesome and the lessons can be modified to meet the needs of different types of learners. Each TED-Ed lesson is organized into three parts:

  • Watch: Watch the video.
  • Think: Answer multiple choice questions and open answer questions based on the video.
  • Dig Deeper: Find additional resources so that you can learn more on the topic.
  • Discuss: Discussion questions



8 thoughts on “Yawning: Why Is It Contagious?

  1. Great post! I was just thinking about this on Tuesday! I was working and a co-worker yawned. I asked myself, why are they contagious? Unfortunately I didn’t yawn when she did lol. But Thanks for reading my mind 😀

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