We Have To Stop Pretending… #MakeSchoolDifferent


We have to stop pretending…

1. That professional growth for all educators is optional. Whether you are on the front lines in the classroom, in a leadership position, a new educator, or a veteran- your professional growth should not be stagnate. Growing professionally both in pedagogy and content knowledge is imperative to keep in pace with our ever changing learners and society. Time, money, and support should available for educators to share, to reflect, to collaborate, and to flourish in and outside of their districts.

If students are the only ones learning, the educators have failed.

2. That all students have the same access to technology at home. An educator on Twitter remarked that if students didn’t have a computer with internet access at home then they certainly had access to a mobile device. That is a woefully inaccurate and privileged comment.

Many children live in poverty and access to internet and technology is not a priority. Some families have to use their money wisely and often things like internet access and printer ink are not expenses that make the cut. There are even parents who choose to significantly limit their child’s screen time at home. And telling kids they need to go to the public library is inappropriate. Not all kids can easily visit the library.

3. That we educators use assessments (classroom, district, state, and national) and data wisely. We don’t.

4. That all state, national, and international tests and assessments are valid and reliable. It really bothers me that statistical analyses of the validity and reliability different types of assessments (especially some state/national assessments) aren’t readily available anymore. It also bothers me that we as a profession do seem to ask for that evidence.

5. That young (Pre-K – 2) students should only focus on reading and math.  Young students should also be actively engaged in science, social studies, technology, and inquiry-based learning.

* In other #MakeSchoolDifferent blog posts, I read a lot about the importance of creativity and engagement in the classroom. That is music to my hears. I chose not to include those since they were already written by so many other educators.

We have to stop pretending… is a challenge from Scott McLeod. I read about this challenge from Tom Whitby’s blog, My Island View.

What are 5 things you think we need to stop pretending in education? If you write a blog post, make sure you include the hashtag #MakeSchoolsDifferent. You can also share a link to your blog post in the comments.

4 thoughts on “We Have To Stop Pretending… #MakeSchoolDifferent

  1. Number 2 hit me really hard in school.
    My dad is disabled and my mum was his carer and we couldnt afford a computer with internet access, yet my school required all coursework to be completed on computer, and we are talking 15 years ago, smartphones weren’t invented yet.
    Our local library didnt have computers either at the time, so I had to stay behind until 6pm every night to do my coursework. I thought it was incredibly mean, like I was in detention for being poor.

    • We have kids who are in the same situation and the tech expectations are worse/greater today. #2 is a big soapbox for me. Educators should not assume what resources kids have at home.

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