Keep Organized with Free Graphic Organizers (Printables)

Check Out the Free Resources from K. Renae P.

What Are Graphic Organizers?

Graphic organizers are visual representations of information and data. They are a great way to classify information in an organized way so that learners construct meaning and discover relationships between complex concepts. The spatial structure of most graphic organizers alleviates the some of cognitive processing demands since information is displayed in a concise, organized way. Like graphs, charts, and tables; graphic organizers help learners consume and process information effectively.

Benefits of Graphic Organizers

I used a graphic organizer to demonstrate the effectiveness of graphic organizers!

Check out 42 free graphic organizers (free printables) via @KRenaeP


Free Printables and Interactive Tools

Check Out the Free Resources from K. Renae P.

10 thoughts on “Keep Organized with Free Graphic Organizers (Printables)

  1. I wish someone had spent more time teaching me how to really construct and use graphic organizers. They’re useful, but you have to know how to use them, and I was an adult before I figured it out.

    • I hate that. I guess I’m lucky my teachers used them. I don’t remember using as many as there are now but we used the main ones like Venn diagram, flow chart, and the one with bubbles.

      My students sometimes liked answering their short answers with a graphic organizer rather than writing it all out. I didn’t mind because I did the same thing.

      • Yeah, they taught us about them, but not really how to use them. It would’ve been really useful for me if we’d spent more time on them—-and if teachers had allowed us to answer that way on test instead of always “in complete sentences.”

    • 1. I had to Google yonks. I’m using it forever now.
      2. Me too! Some have been around forever like Venn diagrams and the ones with bubbles. In college, I would put time events and classification in graphic organizers because it was faster, easier, and less writing. Plus, it made more sense when I studies/crammed. I didn’t realize the benefit until I started teaching. I’m all about working smart.
      3. I honestly love graphic organizers so much that they were my research thesis for my Masters program. Graphic organizers have been around for decades.

    • Ha! I didn’t know they were all the rage. I’ve always used them as a student and teacher.

      I’ve also been fan of Thinking Maps for years and years, but I can’t share that program on my blog. Copyright and what not.

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