Tech Tip: Garbology

Find out where your waste should go from Garbology!

My Garbology

What is Garbology?

Garbology is the study of what we do with our waste. All the things we throw away each day- where do they end up? Many of us know that we can reuse, recycle, and compost to help keep waste out of landfills, but how do you know what goes where? Why is it important to reduce the waste we put in landfills? Garbology helps us understand the global impact of our waste. All of this and more is Garbology.

What will you find on the site?

Find out where your waste should go from Garbology! At My Garbology, you’ll find an interactive online tool that teaches about Garbology and answers the question, “Where should my waste go?” The interactive tool gives you different types of waste and various ways to dispose of that waste. And that is where it gets interesting!

Once you think you’ve decided how to properly dispose of the waste, you will learn the Garbology of that waste. And don’t worry if you do something wrong like recycle a banana, the different waste disposals will help you out. You’ll even learn how to decompose with the FBI- fungus, bacteria, and invertebrates!

You’ll also find classroom lessons and activities (K-12) to extend your Garbology experience, from how to pack a waste-less lunch to getting the dirt on composting.

One of my favorite lesson plans is Let’s Build a Worm Bin. In this lesson, scientists (both young and old) investigate the importance worms play in decomposition and making compost.


 Check out Garbology. Did you know where your waste should go? 

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5 thoughts on “Tech Tip: Garbology

  1. Sounds fascinating! I salute anyone who religiously recycles and keeps on top of all that. I should start!

  2. Maybe I’m an amateur garbologist. Never thought of it that way, but we’re always looking for ways to reduce our waste. I have multiple composting systems, we recycle, the coffee grounds go out to feed the blueberry plants, etc., so we throw away as little as possible.

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