Flash-card Maker from Time for Kids

Flash-Card Maker from Time for Kids

Flash-card Maker from Time for Kids is an online flash card generator. You can choose between pre-made flash cards in the subjects math, science, language arts, social studies, and geography, or you can create your own set of flash cards.


Flash-Card Maker from Time for Kids

Instructions on how to use the pre-made cards.


The fun thing about this generator is that both teachers, parents, and students can create flash cards. What a cool way to get students to generate content-related questions and share with others. Note: Any flash cards created will expire after two weeks unless you use a teacher account. The generator works on desktop and mobile devices (as of April 7, 2015).


How could you use Time for Kid’s Flash-card Maker?

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6 thoughts on “Flash-card Maker from Time for Kids

    • Guess what my Q was going to be, but then I remembered the I had rebloged Teachezwell’s post on Quizlet already. Of course I didn’t remember until after I’d written the post. 😦

      I like Quizlet too. A lot. It has more features, but you have to sign-up to use. However, sign-up is free. Really great for older kids.

      • I have a a back up for Q. Honestly, this post was a back up. Scheduling really isn’t my thing.

        I’ll keep the Quizlet post but put some sort of twist on it later. Off to the draft it goes!

  1. This could be cool for grown-ups, too. Flash cards can come in handy for a lot of things…language study, for example. This is cool!

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