If We Were Having Coffee: Blogiversary


If we were having coffee, we’d be celebrating my one year blogiversary. On April 4, 2014, I started Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P. So, this coffee outing would be your treat. I’d have a shot of Kahula and Bailey’s in my coffee and a blueberry scone. It’s okay that I go a little wild since it’s your treat and my blogiversary. Yay!

I'm Blogging!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m glad I didn’t overextend myself in the beginning with too many posts, engaging in too many challenges, having a very narrow niche, or having too many lofty blog goals. My main goals were to share and learn, and blogging has indeed been a great learning experience for me. I’ve learned a lot about my profession and myself. I’ve discovered new authors, exciting teaching techniques, engaging educational resources, made connections with professionals all over the world, and increased my understanding of education policy & reform. I’ve also met some pretty cool people too. I think that has been the best surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting to find such a diverse community of awesome people like you. Yep, this blogging business ain’t so bad.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me has be a great surprise for you? What have you done that yielded surprising yet awesome results?


If We Were Having Coffee is a weekly blog share and link up hosted by Part-Time Monster. Write your own coffee post and join in the fun! *After reading Part-Time Monster’s post, you will find the link up at the end.

24 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: Blogiversary

  1. Congrats!
    If you had told me ten years ago that I’d be writing a fashion blog and doing fashion illustrations again I’d say, “Seriously?”
    I am and I’m having a blast. (You visited my A-Z on my travel blog. The fashion blog is http://spygirl-amb.blogspot.com/).

  2. Scheduling posts is awesome. I use a plugin called WordPress Editorial Calendar which helps me to visualise when I have posts scheduled for as well. I also think a regular posting schedule is useful, for me anyway – my readers know when to expect a post from me. I do Mon-Wed-Fri.

    • Scheduling is my blogging Achilles heel. I know I want to work on planning my posts better. I’m not at the point where I can commit to a specific weekly schedule, but I am going to post my education & blogging posts M-Th and keep the weekends for Coffee Share and personal projects like the Fullan video series.

      No more posts on Fridays. Fridays stink for me.

      It’s a start.

  3. I’m glad I didn’t overextend myself too much at the beginning either, especially in limiting my niche. At first I mostly did personal stories, but that began expanding. I did pretty rapidly start posting more often (I found an early goal sheet that said “start posting 2x a week instead of 1x a week”…and now I’m consistently publishing 3 times a week and looking to increase that) but that’s because I really got into it. Happy blogiversary!!

    • So many people I started with have stopped blogging or haven’t blogged in months. They had like 3-4 months of hardcore blogging then fizzled. I hope some will come back.

      I need to work more on scheduling posts. There are times where I’ll post 4-5 times in a week then I’ll go a couple of weeks without posting anything due to my schedule. I really need to schedule posts during August-October when I’m super busy. I think that will be one of my year two goals.

      • It’s always sad to see blog buddies fizzle, especially those from the early days. But yes, scheduling is a life-saver. My friends will say “Oh, I liked your blog post today!” And I won’t know which one they mean because I scheduled it two weeks prior.

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