Trade Book: A Drop Around the World

A Drop Around the World

Summary from Scholastic: A drop of rain is a drop of life. From steam to snow, from polluted to purified, from stratus cloud to subterranean crack- water links the world in a living flow. Traveling with Drop, readers will see the world, inside and out, from solid, liquid and vaporous viewpoints. The everlasting, ever-changing Drop earns our respect for water and its unique role on Earth.

 How to use A Drop Around the World in the classroom.:

The Water Cycle Video from National Science Foundation 

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9 thoughts on “Trade Book: A Drop Around the World

    • I always loved to find “Where in the World Are We” on a map. Can’t talk about Mumbai and not locate that on the map. I just love this book for so many reasons.

      I’m glad there’re a few of us educators participating. I’m glad you dropped by.

    • I love it too. Drop is one of my favorite read aloud books. The kids aren’t familiar with it, and it is a great fiction book that provides scientific & geographic information. I really like using fiction and nonfiction literature & storytelling to teach primary students science and humanities topics. Books shouldn’t just be read in English class.

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