Comics and Memes in the Classroom 2

Comics and Memes in the Classroom via KRenaeP

Comics and Memes in the Classroom via KRenaeP


Bring some humor into the classroom with these memes and comics!

1. Once it gets out, it isn’t like it was before.

Bad light ends up in prism



 2. It’s probably because the band had no drive.

No gigs


3. Well, somebody didn’t learn his lesson!

Never learns


4. That number needs to get real.

Imagine there're no numbers, I wonder if you can.


 5. New technology has its limitations.

Tech World

 6. The right thing to do would be to try and accept the wild data point.

Outliers need love too!

 7. Remember, you are never really alone.

You are never alone.

 8. There is a seed of truth in that statement.

Fruits have seeds.




 9. Plagiarism and unreliable sources, this kid needs to talk to the Credible Hulk.

Copying Is Bad, Mmkay



 10. The Credible Hulk always cites his reliable sources.

Always. He always cites his sources.




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21 thoughts on “Comics and Memes in the Classroom 2

  1. Ha! I can definitely see where memes introduced before, during or after a lesson would be a great hit! My favorite was #5. Books will never go out of style for me! But I do love my kindle, no doubt!

    • Me too. I read on my Samsung tablet, and I love it. But I still love reading my “analog” book at night. No screen time before bedtime. Plus, books just feel gooooooooood.

      • No it isn’t. I like reading on a device sometimes – it’s great for vacations – but would always rather have the real book.

        As a librarian, I used to teach referencing and anti-plagiarism to university students. It was still a problem!

  2. I think it also helps to bridge the occasional gap between student and teacher. If kids feel like their teachers understand their humor & culture, they may be more likely to participate and contribute. Creating memes/comics could also be a great creative assignment idea.

    • I did a workshop on creative ideas for the classroom this year and making memes was one idea. One skeptical teacher was floored by how into it her kids were. Some kids even went to a meme generator (on their own time thank you very much) to make some and emailed her their pictures. Gotta shake stuff up sometimes for the kids and the teachers.

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