Video Clip: Frozen

I enjoy using movie, commercials, and tv clips. Take this video of Olaf the Snowman from the movie Frozen. In this video he is talking about what he will do in the summer. Bless his cold heart, he just doesn’t know anything about heat energy. What a great way to hook the kiddos into a lesson about heat and how this energy can make matter change.

Possible Video Questions:

  • What did Olaf get wrong?
  • What was that big dude going to tell him?
  • If you put snow and heat together does it really make sense?
  • What would happen to the particles in Olaf’s snow if his snow was up against the burning sand?

Activities for the Classroom:

These were just a few ways you could use this video clip to teach science. There are a bunch of ways to get creative with this one video clip. Please share any other ideas you have in the comments.


Original post date April 5, 2014. Updated April 2, 2015. 

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