Michael Fullan’s Topic Videos: The Role of the Principal


Two mistakes when defining the role of the principal:

1. Principals should solve all problems as if they are some sort of hero.

  • Change does not happen that way.

2. Principals should be micro-managers.

  • This is impossible. There isn’t enough time to do it all.

What Works Best:

  • The principal should work through the leadership of others. Use the group to change the group.
  • Principals should create a climate that is serious, focused, collaborative, and an environment where everyone is a learner including the principal.
    • I think professional growth (leadership, content, and pedagogical) is often stagnant for many principals. Professional development isn’t just for teachers just like leadership isn’t just for principals
  • Principals need to be system players, one who integrates internal and external development and participation in ALL schools. System players do not work in isolation.

The traditional role and perception of principals as a ‘go-to’ for problems and as micro-managers is passé.

Michael Fullan

Fullan6Michael Fullan’s Topic Videos is a series of 22 short clips, 2-3 minutes each delve into a variety of educational topics . These videos include real life examples suitable for teachers, principals, and administrators. The videos are designed and filmed to illustrate ‘motion leadership in action’.

What are your take-a-ways from ‘The Role of the Principal’?

Check out the entire series at Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.

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