Don’t Give the Easter Bunny Carrots!

Do you think rabbits' diets consist of primarily carrots? Think again!
Do you think rabbits' diets consist of primarily carrots? Think again!

Photo by Peterastn on Flickr


Do you think rabbits’ diets consist of primarily carrots? Think again!

You may not want to leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny. While carrots are delicious, they are high in sugar. That is no good for our little hopping friends. Rabbits aren’t primarily root eaters (carrots are roots); they eat hay. Eating too many carrots can cause tooth decay and even digestive problems.

Like any sweet treat, rabbits should enjoy carrots in moderation. Now I know why Bugs Bunny was so crazy, it was the carrots.

Emo bunny doesn't carrot all


Student in my classroom who rescues animals (with her family of course)


8 thoughts on “Don’t Give the Easter Bunny Carrots!

  1. Haha, “JUST DOESN’T CARROT ALL”. Carrots don’t contain that much sugar, especially compared to oranges. You’d probably ingest too much retinol before you consume too much sugar…

  2. It’s sad that media such as cartoons give people the wrong impression that bunnies can eat carrots all day when really, it’s equivalent to us eating cupcakes or sugary sweets all day. Thanks for clearing this up, from one bunny lover to the next 🙂

    • I honestly didn’t know about the carrots until a student of mine and her mom spoke to our class. They rescued rabbits and shared things to think about when considering a rabbit for a pet, proper rabbit care, rabbit myths, and why they are advocates for animals specifically rabbits. They were hands-down the best guest speakers I’d ever had. It helped they brought several bunnies for the kids to interact with and learn how to handle.

      I thought it was interesting that some kids admitted the loved the rabbits, but they weren’t sure if they wanted to keep up with their care. They all agreed that children should understand all the expectations of pet care before owning a pet. Funny thing, they all agreed that a rabbit would be a perfect classroom pet, and I should get them one right away.

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