If We Were Having Coffee: Blog Reveal and Symmetry



If we were having coffee, I’d talk to you about blogging. I know we seem to talk a lot about blogging, but I have no other friends with whom I can chat about these things. I’m not saying my other friends don’t care about my blog, but they have a strong disinterest. I’m not offended or hurt honestly. Before I started blogging, I didn’t care about blogging or my friends’ blogs. Turnabout is fair play I guess.

I haven’t really been on the ball as far as the A to Z Challenge is concerned. I’ve made my list and done a few posts, but I’m nowhere near the place I wanted to be at this time. I may have to change up some of the things I was planning. A few posts were going to be very in depth; however, I worry that I no longer have the time to write them.

My spring break is coming up. I may be able to stay on the blogging track, but I worry that things like lunch, friends & family, hanging out, workout procrastination, laying around on the couch, TV watching, and interweb rabbit holing will get in the way of my goals. On top of that, I may spend some spring break time figuring out why I’ve be bombarded with comment spam lately. Lard cheeses, the amount of spam has been massive.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that I completely forgot about the big theme reveal for the A to Z challenge. My excuse is: Everything has been really busy for me personally and professionally. It’s testing season. That’s right, season. School-wide state testing in Louisiana is a season now…  Anyway, I’m theme revealing. Better late than never, right?

My topic for the April 2015 A to Z Blog Challenge is…


I absolutely HATE chalkboards y’all.

I don’t think the theme for my very first A to Z Challenge is a big surprise.


If we were having coffee, we’d talk about Tom Cruise. We wouldn’t talk about his career or choice of faith; we’d talk about his facial symmetry. I saw this post on Facebook:

Tom Cruise Face Symmetry

Hint: His teeth aren’t symmetrical

I looked at some of his other pictures to see if this wasn’t caused by an angle or Photoshop.

Tom C. Face Symmetry


Okay, so his teeth aren’t symmetrical. Big deal. Yet, I’d never noticed it before. Tom Cruise is a handsome fellow, but his face isn’t very symmetrical. I’d always read that symmetrical faces were typically more attractive, but I’d never really thought about it or challenged that assertion.

I started to think about face symmetry and how it affects our concept of beauty. Is it really true that a symmetrical face is a beautiful face? I searched the internets to learn more and found that I must have been living under a rock. Face symmetry is a well talked about and surveyed topic. And the conclusions are all over the place. That makes sense because beauty and attractiveness is so subjective.

Defining beauty is difficult. There are so many factors that affect our perception of what we find beautiful.  Often, our idea of beauty is not developed on our own but through societal influences. These outside factors shape our perception of what is and is not attractive in interesting and sometimes mutilating ways. Humans are weird.


If we were having coffee, what would you talk about? What are your creative plans for April? How do you define beauty?



If We Were Having Coffee is a weekly blog share and link up hosted by Part-Time Monster. Write your own coffee post and join in the fun! *After reading Part-Time Monster’s post, you will find the link up at the end.

11 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: Blog Reveal and Symmetry

  1. Face symmetry.. I’ve not paid much attention to it before, but it does seem interesting….
    Testing season… that just sounds all-around not fun… However, your A to Z challenge theme sounds good! Good luck writing it all.. I’m in the midst of trying to catch up on my writing for next month too… very much not where I had planned to be.

  2. I have found that, personally, I find attractive those that look like the people around me when I was growing up. However I haven’t been attracted to anyone in the past couple of decades! I’m also attracted to intelligent people, regardless of appearance.

  3. I’m really interested in things like face symmetry and how much of what we value as beauty is physiological and how much of it is the environment we’re in or something else. Nature versus nurture, I suppose—because attractiveness is different from culture to culture and time to time. It’s always interesting to think about things like that.

    And good luck with the state testing—I’ll be interested to see how that affects what you write about education in April.

    • I’d love to learn about how we measure beauty, but at some point I’d probably get mad at the disparity of beauty expectations of women. We may not bind our feet and waists like we used to, but we do other things.

      The A to Z posts I’m having the most trouble writing are my two posts on assessments. I’m trying to make them informative without inserting my opinions. With this climate we are in, it is hard to be strictly informative. H was going to be high-stakes testing. It will be in my best interest to change that. Maybe I can be more diplomatic next year.

      • I understand what you mean. My mom is a retired teacher, and I remember seeing her struggling through a lot of high stakes testing kind of things. And I could tell, when I was teaching at a university, that a lot of what’s happening in the school systems just isn’t working.

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