Great Blogging Advice That I Ignore

Great Blogging Advice That I Ignore

Great Blogging Advice That I Ignore via @KRenaeP

There are a lot of blogs and bloggers who dedicate their time and writing skills to giving sound blogging advice. However, with so much great information available, there are some good blogging tips I choose to ignore.

5.  Focus on building your email subscribers.

So much email

Like my voice mail messages, most of my emails go unchecked and unanswered.

This is some great advice, but I just  can’t (aka don’t want to) do it. I’m an email procrastinator and most nonessential communication will go unopened. If I do open it, there is a 1000% chance I’m not going to click on any links. So, signing up to a blog via email really isn’t a practical option for me.

It’s tough for me to actively encourage other bloggers to subscribe via email when I refuse to do it.  Like SEO, I don’t want to engage in that part of the “blog hustle”.

However, if email subscriptions are your cup of tea, you can follow me via email! You can find a link on the right column or if you are using certain mobile devices, at the bottom of this page. Or don’t. No pressure either way, I’m not your supervisor.

 4. Commit to a posting schedule.

Tech Tip Tuesday? Fail.

Trade Book Thursday? Fail.

Fun Quote Friday? Collected some quotes but never made one post. Fail.

Schedule shmedule. I am a delicate butterfly who can’t be trapped into some schedule. I must blog freely*!

 3. Do all the social media!

Do all the social mediaI ain’t got time for that. Look, I’m doing good posting at least once a week, reading other blogs, and commenting. I blog for fun. I’ve decided to have personal social media (Facebook) and blog/educator social media (Twitter). My Pintrest is just for fun, and I’m not into Instagram… Yet.

Sexy social media side note: I tend to be a slow adopter to social media. I railed against Twitter for a bunch of reasons I thought were awesome at the time. Now I love Twitter. Same thing happened with Facebook and Pintrest. Being a social media darling, I know I’ll fall in love with Instagram at some point. It’s just a matter of time really.

I love reading things on Tumblr, but I don’t like posting things on Tumblr. Posting on Tumblr is confusing; I may figure Tumblr out sooner or later but right now my Tumblr is dormant. I have a Bloglovin page, but I only use that as a blog reader. I stand by my disdain for Google+, and I never had a MySpace page back in the dinosaur times. I’m pretty proud of that.

 2. Make a newsletter.

I will never write a newsletter because I hate reading newsletters, virtual or real life. I’m also not a fan of reading bloggers’ online newspapers.  Similar to actively promoting email subscriptions, I don’t want to do something I don’t enjoy myself. Furthermore, I don’t want accost my Dear Readers’ inbox with some weak sauce newsletter I don’t believe in- which brings me to my final piece of blogging advice I ignore…

1. Blog daily.

Not Happening

Nope. That isn’t for me. I admire the bloggers who can write interesting posts everyday, but I know my limitations.



* I just can’t commit to a posting schedule.  It’s one piece of blogging advice I wish I had more time and discipline to follow.


What are some good blogging tips you can’t follow? 


Header binary image via Geralt from Pixabay. 

69 thoughts on “Great Blogging Advice That I Ignore

  1. Yes! So true, especially about blogging daily. If it works for some, that’s great, but I feel like it’s more advantageous to recycle content and use it in new ways. Re-work what you’ve already written into something new to share! Great post!

  2. Hah- I totally agree with you on all of these- on the social media one, I try my best- but I ain’t got time for that either. Lol. It takes me enough time to write a thoughtful blog post with good pictures and music and then posting it on all the platforms…. like, I’m so tired. lol Glad you can make light out of these- I enjoyed it! =P

  3. I don’t remember, but that gives me an idea for one. My inbox does get flooded though. There are 4 loyal followers to whom I don’t want to unsubscribe but they each post 20-50 posts every day. Sure creates a lot of delete work. I never thought I’d have such a problem or even that such could exist when I started blogging.

  4. I’m just getting started and so many posts are about what you NEED to do so it’s nice to see the other side. I’m finding that the social media thing takes HOURS. I did commit to Meal Plan Monday… but I need to meal plan every week before grocery shopping to save money so I just write the post as I’m making my list, take a picture of my receipts when I get home, and call it good.

    • There are some basic blogging best practices like comment on other blogs and have an easily navigable blog, but all this extra stuff can be overwhelming. Do what you like and put the rest away. This push to do “all the things” is silly. Focus on what you enjoy and learn how to do that well first. Then add more.

      I need to meal plan more. I’m terrible at grocery shopping.

  5. I have a hard time getting on and blogging ‘regularly’, once a week is one thing I can do. I have felt overwhelmed by the multiple posts that I think I should make and realized, I wouldn’t read that many posts from myself. 🙂 What i want to so is to write well and to bless those who take time to read my words, and that, at least right now, means I don’t post every day.

    I appreciated this reminder to blog on purpose.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I’m not against pushing myself or making challenging goals. But somethings just are for me, and that’s okay. I completely agree with you- I want to enjoy my readers, enjoy other blogs, and write well. I think if I tried to do too much over a long period of time, I’d burn out. So, sometimes that means I post one or twice a week.

      Blog on purpose– I like that.

  6. #3 is so me. I refused to sign up for Twitter for forever. Then someone talked me into it. I still don’t love it, but I do what I can. It’s just so hard to keep up with it all!

  7. I agree on the newsletter subscription. I feel like i’m active enough on most of the social media platforms that I don’t need to add an email subscription. Besides, I’ve unsubscribed most personal e-newsletters…just too much. Being a social media/marketing consultant for years, Twitter is by far my fav. Recently, have started using FB and Instagram for my blog – huge learning curve. But I do it, because that’s what my readers want not because some advice from a marketing person.

    • Twitter is my fave too. I had a Facebook page, but I decided that I really wanted FB to just be my personal social media. I got very little engagement/views from it, and I hated working with it. That was the big thing. I didn’t like maintaining the page which totally surprised me.

      But if it works for you and your readers, I’m sure you will love it. And absolutely, you have to do what works for you not some marketing person. I’m going to keep an eye out and see how you use Instagram. The jury is still out on that one for me.

      • For sure, and each blog has different users. It depends on whee their readers are, whether it’s FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. My Instagram account is @rdigout .Feel free to follow or check in every now and then. It’s been a huge learning curve but starting to enjoy it.

  8. Oh, and while we’re at it, don’t *get* me started on those bloggers who *also* tell you (because they’re just brimming with tips) how as an author you can also increase your book reading audience–while you’re at it–by doing things like cannily cultivating a place on Goodreads as if you’re a spy in the Cold War with a “legend” you have to learn by hard and it’ll take months and months of daily hard work one reader at a time to–boom!–suddenly rule Goodreads. Everyone will love you. Everyone will read you. You’ll be rich and famous. They come across like snake oil sellers from the 19th century.

    • I forgot all about Goodreads. I’m not even sure how that would work to an author’s advantage. I also don’t know how Goodreads works so there’s that. I guess writers are social media moguls now.

      I love this peek behind a writer’s curtain.

    • Of the good advice I won’t do, I actually wish I could maintain one day that is a schedule day. I’ve tried believe me. I think I may make Thursday a Throwback Thursday (for my updated old blog posts) and/or Thursday Doors. Maybe if have two topics to choose from then I could keep up with it a little better.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  9. OMG this made me laugh. I’ve been a published author for years and the advent of social media and blogging is just the latest torture instrument for authors: YOU MUST DO THIS OR DIE OBSCURE. Well, I blog a lot on The Huffington Post and retweet on #ArchiveDay, #SundayBlogShare, and #MondayBlogs–but only when I can. Because I have a life. And a spouse. And a dog. And I write books (working on #26). And I do book tours. And I teach as a guest author at a local university. So newsletters? Barf. Daily blogging. Insanity! I write blogs when I feel like it. And I will never engage in Instagram and Pinterest–life is too short and I have too many books to read, movies to watch, places to travel to.

  10. i have been taking baby steps to all of these, but no, I don’t do any of them either. I am going to send a newsletter next month though- to all 6 of my e-mail subscribers! LOL I don’t know how anyone even has time to eat if they do all those things!

    • Newsletters work for some bloggers, and I know some readers value a well made newsletter. If you do it correctly, I’m sure it could be a great addition to your blogging community. I really do think it’s great advice if you work hard to craft it and make it meaningful for your readers. Personally, I would not be consistent or give it my all which lazy and not good for anyone.

      So, good luck with email newsletter. I hope you can make it an amazing addition to your blog. I think now is the perfect time to do it since you are building your community.

  11. Hahaha! I loved this post. I am quite new to blogging so I have no clue about blogging advice. Also I am super lazy, I’ll probably come across some good advice that I will consider to consider until it gets too tiring. Then I’ll forget.

    • Also I am super lazy, I’ll probably come across some good advice that I will consider to consider until it gets too tiring. Then I’ll forget.”

      Bwahahahaha. I promise you I could have written that myself. I literally LOLed when I read that. Clowns, creepy dolls, and lazy? We have a lot in common.

  12. Girl I feel you! I cannot commit to all those things. I have tried and FAILED FAILED FAILED!!!! I am a teacher and am on Spring Break… I am loading up on posts and having them scheduled to be posted. See I can’t even think to remember to click post so I have to have WOrdpress do it for me! Hahaha! But see I love blogging… it is my release… it brings me to my happy place… But the struggle is real!

    • The struggle is real indeed. My plan is to load up on posts during my spring sreak as well. My break begins a week from today and it is like it’s never going to get here!

      Blogging has been my release too.

  13. I also don’t have any ideas on how to “build my email subscribers” since I personally don’t subscribe to a blog that require my email.

    As for social media, I only use Twitter…

  14. I’m a bit of a rebel about the rules. I know I’m supposed to write titles that help my SEO. Much as I would like to have more readers, I just can’t bring myself to do all this stuff. As for Instagram? Not happening. I’m drawing the line. So there.

    I found you on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge website. Good luck in April!

  15. Right on target and blogging my own time. The other thing is editing, I mean I like to check my grammar and spelling and all but professionally? No. I can really related to this post, love it. Thank you for sharing.

  16. I ignore a lot of those pieces of advice as well. While I have been trying to do more with social media lately, I don’t go overboard. I also have never had a blogging schedule. I just can’t do it. Sometimes if I feel really inspired, I may blog a couple days in a row, but not often.

    What works for me is usually the simple things. Writing when I feel inspired. Commenting on lots of blogs. Reading lots of blogs. Having fun. It’s as simple as that.

  17. I’ll occasionally write a list post, but it bothers me that people encourage bloggers to do those in order to draw traffic. Also when people insist that everyone have a niche. I like being semi-nicheless, and I prefer to write actual content than make pithy lists about what twenty-somethings should be doing or whatever.

    • I agree with you on lists. I love a list, but I don’t want to only read that. On the other hand, if a blogger’s post is listing something- I hope s/he turns it into a numbered lists. Lists are popular for a reason, they give good quick information & are easy to read. It’s an effective way to get your varied point across. I hate when bloggers write a post that should be a list but the blogger won’t write a list because they are one of those grouchy pants who are all mad at lists/listicles. FYI: I like how you use bold in your posts. Another great way to keep things organized for us readers. Blog reading is not the same as book reading.

      Have a niche… I was going to add that, but I too am semi-nicheless. I decided to leave it out (not including the tags) since I kind of have a niche but not really.

      • Sometimes I feel annoying with the bolding but I think it helps–if they’re gonna skim, I’d rather have them skim the important parts.

  18. I feel the SAME way about a lot of this “advice.” Also, I chose Tumblr as the site to host my blog, and options are limited. So when I’m told to create newsletters and emails and all that stuff, I cant unless I switch to self-hosting and…no. Not ready for that. I also blog as much as I can but can’t commit to scheduling anything or adhering to specific blog topics depending on the day of week. I think we’re all doing justttttttttt fine — sometimes it’s OK to ignore the advice 🙂

    • Agreed. We have to do what works for us. I think I’d have to self-host for me to do the special email stuff and newsletter thing, and I’m not interested in self-hosting. Not at all.

      I don’t want one more thing to do.

  19. This post is all very ‘me’ also. I am blogging because I enjoy it; I write when I feel “inspired” to say something (and type it and correct errors), I don’t have any other social media nor am I inclined to join the masses at this time, I forget to check my email because it’s not a form of communication that I prefer. I agree with Carl – just let it flow naturally and you’ll have followers that like your style.

  20. My best blog builder is by word of mouth through current followers. I am just sitting back and letting that flow unmanaged as seems the best way to draw like-minded people. Really don’t need to expand. Am delighted with loyal regulars and I feel very connected to people not stats.

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