If We Were Having Coffee: How I Became a Lucky Flyer

"Coffee is all you need." - @KRenaeP

"Coffee is all you need." - @KRenaeP

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I used to be an unlucky flyer. Missed flights, cancelled flights, missed connections, grouchy airplane service workers, late luggage, smelly seatmates, ridiculous turbulence, getting sick, always being picked to be pulled aside by TSA, that one smackdown with the ticket counter dude, and it goes on and on. But my flying luck changed one day thanks to some really tall guy with impossibly long legs.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about that one time I got an exit row aisle seat. Getting an exit row seat when you didn’t ask for it is like winning the airplane lottery. All that extra space? Score! Yes, there comes the added responsibility of doing something or another with the door if the plane crashes. It is a responsibility I’ll gladly take any day.

I always ask for an aisle set when I fly. Always. I’m not a fan of sitting by the window because I don’t like to be trapped plus looking out the window makes me feel nauseated sometimes. I can’t sit in a middle seat because I flat out refuse to do it. I just can’t. Plus, I tend to go to the bathroom a lot when I fly. Nerves I guess. Therefore, an aisle seat really is the only option for me.

Middle Seat

This will literally happen if I have to sit in the middle seat.


On the day my luck changed, I was flying from Dallas to Washington DC. When I located my seat, I was thrilled to find that my aisle seat was on the exit row. Score! I stowed my backpack, took out my phone and headphones, had my book in hand, and snuggled up with my airplane blanket.  I was ready for take off.

There was this really gigantic gentlemen on the opposite side of the plane. He was a couple of rows ahead of me sitting in an aisle seat. Bless his heart, his knees were in his chest. I giggled thinking about how I bet he wished he had my aisle seat.


I'm Fun Sized

If we were having coffee, I’d get mad at you if you tried to point out that I’m super short. I’m sensitive about my height. What I lack in meters (See how I didn’t say feet? I’m international!), I make up in attitude. I’d tell you that it doesn’t really matter what my height is, it was my seat fair and square.

That is exactly what I thought when I saw Mr. Tall Man sitting uncomfortably, “It’s my seat fair and square!” I didn’t care if he seemed uncomfortable. Besides, I had agreed to that thing I was supposed to do with the door. That’s a binding contract. I started reading my book, but I could see Mr. Tall Man glancing back at me. I moved my book to block him from my line of sight. Then, I sat with my feet in the chair because it was comfy, and I’m short. I accidentally made eye contact with Mr. Tall Man and immediately put my book back up.


If we were having coffee, I’d reiterate that it was my seat- fair and square, but every time I glanced Mr. Tall Man’s way he was adjusting uncomfortably in his seat; I felt bad. I was so happy when I discovered my seat. Within 15 minutes I was actually thinking about giving it up.  Switching seats would be the right thing to do, but…

I continued pretending to read my book, but I was really deciding if I was going to ask Mr. Tall Man to switch seats. He beat me to it. He walked over to me and took a knee. Mr. Tall Man looked at me for a second and said, “We both know why I’m here.” I tried to be icy and stoic. I really did, but instead I laughed. I laughed loudly. I told him I knew why he was there, and I’d be happy to switch with him. We made everything legal with the stewardess, and he bought me a beverage as a demonstration of his appreciation.

Like I said, up until this flight, I’d always had bad luck flying. But after I gave up my seat, my flying luck changed. It’s been nothing but smooth sailing since. Even the rough flights turn out great. And it was all thanks to Mr. Tall Man and an aisle seat.

Little Crispy Pieces of Delicous Heaven

Best Cookies in the Air




If we were having coffee, what would you tell me about your luck flying?

25 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: How I Became a Lucky Flyer

  1. Love this. I love that you did the right thing and it managed to have long-lasting good effects on you! & I would love if he also had a blog and wrote about this experience, that’d be wonderful.

  2. My wildest flying stories come from flying “space available” military flights when my husband was an Army chaplain and we were stationed in Panama, Central America.

    One time we flew on a military cargo plane. Our son thought it was so cool- most flights were on regular planes.

    Another time we got to the head of the line to discover there were 3 seats. We were OK with that, thinking my husband and I, and even our son, could take turns holding the baby. Nope, everyone had to have a seat, according to the rules. We had to go home and try again the next day.

    But the “best” story was the time we saw the plane being surrounded by vehicles with flashing lights as we taxied in upon landing. Unbelievably, someone had smuggled drugs aboard this military flight! Everyone was detained while drug-sniffing dogs examined the luggage. By the time we were transported from the military base to the civilian airport, everything there was closed. Most people seemed to have relatives or friends who were waiting, but some, like us, were depending on renting cars for the last leg of our trips. So we were stuck in the airport for the night. We met another military family with children the same ages as ours…an 11 year old boy and baby girl. Thankfully, the babies cooed at each other awhile and then slept peacefully in their strollers. The boys had a big old time running all over and sliding on the baggage ramps. Still, all the parents were glad when we saw the rental agents opening up the rental car counters!

    • I love this. I hope you will turn this into a post.

      My mind is blown that someone would smuggle drugs on a military flight. But I bet at some point it must have worked. And I always wanted to fly on a cargo plane. My Dad was in the Air Force and a lot of my friends got to ride on a cargo plane. My Mom could never figure out why I wanted to ride in one so badly. I imagined we would be held in the luggage area, and that seemed like something awesome.

  3. I think I’ll leave the flying to those of you that enjoy it. I flew once from Atlanta to Detroit. That was the single worst trip of my life! After hours of delay with a one year old in my lap, we finally made the bumpy journey in turbulent weather only to circle around Detroit for a couple more hours waiting for a storm to clear. The last time the stewardess ask if I needed anything, I honestly thought she was going to pass out at my request. All I asked for was a parachute and an open door.

    • That sounds like a terrible experience especially with a little one. I’m glad they didn’t give you the parachute option. Haha! I bet she was a little surprised.

      • I think surprised is an understatement!
        And yes it cured my curiosity to fly. If the good Lord wanted me to fly then I’d have feathers!

  4. I am right there with you about needing to have the aisle seat. Just the thought of having to sit by the window is already making me anxious. It was hilarious when the Tall Man said, “We both know why I”m here.” Good luck on future flights!

  5. I love flying. My funniest flight story would be trying to breast feed my six week old daughter while flying with her. For some reason they seated me on the bulkhead, which meant I had people facing me. That was totally not what I had expected. I am sure my fellow passengers were a bit surprised also when she started crying and they asked if I needed help getting a bottle ready. Lol. Ah well, she stopped crying and they learned not to assume.

  6. I don’t like flying. Or rather I love flying but I don’t like all that entails the trip up to sitting down and buckling my seat belt. I despise going through security. I despise the waiting til you board time. And I really cannot stand the boarding. I’m also very short. I can’t even reach the overhead compartment so whatever I bring on has to fit under the seat in front of me. While I love window seats, if there is someone in the row with me, other than someone I am flying with, then I would rather have the aisle seat.

    I actually do have a good story about getting a great seat on an overseas flight…14 hours flight…but I think I will save it for a post. I’ll try to remember to pingback here so you can read it.

    • Wow. That is exactly how I feel. I’ve been thinking about posting my love/hate relationship with flying. I hate all the waiting, but I love the flying & travel. I always check my suitcase because I refuse to worry about getting on first so I can put away my suitcase. I hate the dealing with putting my luggage in the overhead bin. I’m almost always the last to board because I just don’t care about boarding first. That and I hate the line. Unless I’m in the first group, I wait. All I need is my seat and space in the seat in front of me so there is no rush. I rarely use overhead bins for my backpack because they tend to be a hassle. I always have to have help. Plus, it’s not like I need the space in the seat in front of me so I’m good.

      It really makes the entire experience easier. I still don’t enjoy it though.

      Please pingback when you write your story. I love a good airplane story.

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