Michael Fullan’s Topic Videos: District-wide Engagement

Image via http://www.michaelfullan.ca/


  • The main question was: How do we cultivate a coherent district-ward system?
    • Many systems will say the answer is alignment, but Fullan argues that often means structure and that doesn’t work.
  • Districts and schools need to work on the same page. Districts need to develop a partnership with schools that encourages a we-we identity.
  • Schools should be in a network with 3-4 other schools. In this network, schools learn from one another and build relationships so that they feel like a system on the move.

Michael Fullan’s Image via http://www.michaelfullan.ca/Topic Videos is a series of 22 short clips, 2-3 minutes each delve into a variety of educational topics . These videos include real life examples suitable for teachers, principals, and administrators. The videos are designed and filmed to illustrate ‘motion leadership in action’.

What are your take-a-ways from ‘District-wide Engagement’?

Check out the entire series at Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.


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