Michael Fullan’s Topic Videos: Speed of Quality Change

Michael Fullan


  • People need to be excited about change. If they are excited and bought in, change can happen more quickly. The members are excited because they can see how the change will make a difference.
  • For change to take place, two things need to happen:
    1. Recognize the depth of the problem
    2. Have a glimpse of the way out and forward
      • The glimpse include: what works, evidence, small victories
  • Members need to see small examples of the success from the change early. It will help for them to believe this time will be different. Change is easy when members believe it’s worth it.
  • Changes do not need to be big. Small changes can have big payoffs.
    • I think small changes are easier to digest and make happen. We often get so caught up in all the ways we need to improve we end up trying to do too much and getting nothing done. Ultimately, proving the naysayers right and sometimes doing more harm than good.
    • I think making small changes (that make sense) over a period of time will lead to a bigger payoff in the long run. Work smart.

copyright Kathleen FinlayMichael Fullan’s Topic Videos is a series of 22 short clips, 2-3 minutes each delve into a variety of educational topics . These videos include real life examples suitable for teachers, principals, and administrators. The videos are designed and filmed to illustrate ‘motion leadership in action’.

What are your take-a-ways from ‘Speed of Quality Change’?

 Check out the entire series at Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.

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