If We Were Having Coffee: TV


If we were having coffee we’d talk about TV shows. On my About page, I share that I like to tell people that I don’t own a television. That’s true. I act all snooty when I tell that lie too. I always get called out on it; it’s hilarious to me. Not sure why I find that so funny, but I do. Just how I roll.

I’d tell you that I hate soap opera type shows so Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and Downtown Abby (I refuse to spell it any other way). If you are a fan of Downtown Abby, we’d disagree about whether or not the show should be considered soap operaesque. There’d really be no purpose trying to change my mind though. I’m unconvincable. That show is filled with drama, romance, betrayal, and sap. I ain’t having it. You’d probably try to counter that Britain’s treasure, Dame Maggie “Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” Smith, is glorious on Downtown. That is a great argument and valid point, but sadly, I cannot abide by the show since I don’t suffer soap operas. Or bustle shows. It doesn’t matter if the period is Victorian or Edwardian, I’m not into it.



If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I love classy shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Blackish, Archer, New Girl, and Big Bang Theory. I also like procedurals like Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, and Elementary. I’d ask you which shows you enjoyed watching. If your response didn’t include a comedy or cop type show, I’d judge you. If you say anything about enjoying Lifetime movies, I’d roll my eyes pretentiously. Those tv movies are pure trash. I wouldn’t admit that whenever I actually watch Lifetime movies, I am typically entertained and enjoy them. There are some things we don’t share in front of company; my Mama taught me that. So yes, I judge people on their television choices, and I’m hypocritical when it comes to tv. Another example of how I roll.

I don’t doubt that you’d call me out on my ridiculous television snootiness. I deserve it. We’d probably chat about other shows we enjoy watching. I’d talk about my love for British television shows including panel shows. I wouldn’t share my love/hate relationship with Doctor Who. Not yet. I’m not in a place where I can talk about it yet.  Doctor Whom

Before we left the coffee shop, I’d rant about Two Broke Girls because I always do. How is that show in its 4th season?! How!? I don’t get it.  Different strokes I guess...


If we were having coffee, which shows would you tell me you enjoy watching?


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36 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: TV

    • A lot of people don’t agree, but I really liked the ninth Doctor. He’s my second favorite, and I wish he would have gone longer than a year. I have got to check Viking out. Everyone I know who watches the show looooooooove it.

      • It is a great show. And I think it’s kinda funny how people put Nine down in favor of Ten and Eleven. They seem to forget the role he played in bringing the show back. Which one is your Doctor?

      • My first Doctor was the 4th Doctor (the one with the cape). I watched the reruns as a kid. My favorite Doctor is the 10th. The Doctors from the old series kind of blend together, and I don’t really like watching the old series anymore.

  1. hahahaha Well at least we would be able to talk about something. I think we share at least one common favorite in each of your categories: Blackish, Sherlock, and Doctor Who! Once Upon a Time is a guilty pleasure; I didn’t know what to do after I binged on Hallmark Christmas movies (just as bad, but I would argue a touch more delightful, than Lifetime movies). And… I do love Downton, although I will agree with you that it’s a soap opera. Besides that: Parks and Rec, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Game of Thrones! I think I need to add Sleepy Hollow to the list…

    And I do not understand 2 Broke Girls. WTF. How. Why. WTF.

    • 1. I love Hallmark Christmas movies. It’s Christmas so it’s okay.
      2. I’m brokenhearted about Parks and Rec right now. I think it’s time for the show to end, but am I happy about it? Knope.
      3. I was in love with Once Upon a Time but Rumpelstiltskin started to skeeve me out so I dropped it.
      4. I can’t with 2 Broke Girls. I. Just. Can’t! WFT is right.

  2. This is too funny for me to handle right now and I’m afraid to read any comment spoilers above so I’ll have to come back for this. I’m more than a month behind on my dvr (damn you kids and book reading) and it’s killing me. Downtown Abbey. I love you for that. Best blog line I’ve read all week! I concur. Can’t help it 🙂

    • Ha! Good thing your time suck is something awesome like kids and reading!

      My truth: I like to let the shows pile up so I can binge watch them one evening. It’s just where I am in my life right now.

  3. I’ll forgive you for not being too into Downton Abbey… LOL or as you call it, “Downtown Abbey”. You’re right though, it’s totally a soap opera.

    I don’t watch a lot of shows. I mostly stream them from Netflix. My favorites are; Veronica Mars, Numbers, and The IT Crowd.

    Thanks for sharing. I may check out some of your recommendations.

    • I loved IT Crowd. I wa so excited when I saw Roy in Bridesmaids. Veronica Mars is a show I’ve never watched, but I have been told a million times how awesome it is. I need to finally give that show a chance.

  4. When I saw that you didn’t own a T.V. on your about page I just assumed you streamed. wink, wink. All I know about Benedict Cumberbatch is that he made an excellent Kahn. Excellent! I myself don’t watch anything unless we recorded it on our DVR. Sometimes shows have been dropped because we had to replace our DVR. Such as Scandal. Loved the first season never picked it up with the new DVR. Same with Boardwalk Empire. New Girl never got picked back up for recording either. At least I saw the BEST KISS EVER! I binged watched How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. I laughed so hard at these that I had to pause the show to finish laughing. I would have never been able to watch these back in the day. I’d miss huge chunks of the story. We also watched Revolution but I wonder if they canceled it. My husband watched Animation Domination on Sundays so I still watch the Simpsons.

    A quick list since my husband just came in for some TV before bed. I watch NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles. Grey’s Anatomy. We watch Hell on Wheels, Vikings, Turn, and we just finished Son’s of Liberty, I suppose we used to call that a mini-series. I just started a new routine of watching Survivor. Well, the neighbor girls get together and have wine and snacks and I watch them watch survivor. Its pretty funny how they get into it. Now we are going to watch 60 minutes.

    • He was great as Kahn. I’m a binge watcher too. There are some shows I’ll wait unit I have a break and watch all the episodes at once. It helps to break up the boredom and gives me an excuse not to do housework. I have had a show were I watched with friends for a while. We used to do a True Blood night. I finally stopped going because I was no longer able to contain my disdain for the show.

      I do love having a a TV night with friends.

  5. Have yet to lay eyes on Scandal or Downtown, no interest there. I binge watched all the Netflix episodes of Doctor Who, beginning with 10th Doctor, No Capaldi shows yet, so I’m waiting patiently for them. I also have a love/hate relationship with the show.

  6. Haven’t had a TV for years either, but we do have a 27 inch monitor!

    … Agent Carter, The Blacklist, House of Cards, The Librarians, 12 Monkeys, Defiance, Rookie Blue, Call the Midwife, Last Tango in Halifax, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Grey’s Anatomy, Lost Girl … and for rewatching pleasure – All the Star Treks, Eureka, Fringe, and a few more that I can’t find in the filing system at the moment! 🙂

    • Watching TV on a monitor counts. I’m finding I’m streaming more than I watch traditional tv. But I stream on my computer and TV.

      I love House of Cards. I have being meaning to watch 12 Monkeys; I haven’t heard a lot about it yet. I was hoping it was good.

      The Librarians is my guilty pleasure. On paper I should hate that show, but I don’t. No surprise that you are a sci-fi/fantasy fan.

      Last Tango in Halifax- Never heard of this ome. I gotta check that one out.

  7. Thank you for the coffee! I spent 3 years without a TV (as a student, I was too skint to pay TV licence fees) so I bought boxsets in charity shops and watched them on my laptop. I absolutely love BBC’s Sherlock. But that’s mainly due to Martin Freeman. Cumberbatch ain’t bad (he’s a brilliant Sherlock in my opinion) but Freeman as Watson is perfect casting. Which is why I hate Elementary. John Watson is not a woman and Sherlock Holmes doesn’t belong in America.

    I love Doctor Who, 10 is my favourite, followed by 11 although 9 was great as well and I’m getting used to Capaldi. Companion I love to hate the most? Clara, hands down. I’m yet to get my hands on a cheap boxset of the classic Doctor Who episodes, so I can’t comment on Doctors 1-8.

    Not sure I’d call New Girl classier than Downton Abbey, but New Girl is pretty funny. So is Big Bang Theory. I’m not much into American shows, though, with the exception of those two, X-Files, How I Met Your Mother and Fargo. I’d rather watch Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, Jonathan Creek, The Office, Black Books or The League of Gentlemen. And The Almighty Johnsons.

    I hate daily soaps. Never been able to stand them, in Germany, NZ or the UK. All you need to know is: Someone owns a pub and dodgy stuff is going down absolutely everywhere. And none of the younger characters seem to have a decent/complete education or any aspirations to do anything or get out of whatever town the soap happens to be set in.

    • I was kidding about those shows being classy. None of those shows are, but I still love them. 🙂 I’ve already decided to do a coffee chat about my favorite shows outside of my country (thanks to streaming). I like a ton of British and east Asian television; I seriously watch too much TV.

      I hear you about Martin Freeman. I love that man, he’s so talented. I even think he is better looking than also uber talented Cumberbatch. Now, we will have to agree to disagree on Joan Watson, I was ready to hate everything about her but I think she works. I was worried they would do some stupid: will they or won’t they get together. They haven’t. The second they do, I’ll stop watching. I really like how the show runners reimagined that character and the show ~ well, both updated versions actually. On the other hand, I’m not a big fan Doyle’s books so I’m not tied to any purity of the literature.

      “dodgy stuff is going down absolutely everywhere”, hahahahaha! I love it! Your description of daily soaps is spot on.

      • I agree with you that Martin Freeman is better looking than Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ve been saying that for years! *hides the Pinterest board* And it’s testament to his acting talents that Sir Ian McKellen freely admits he asked Martin for acting lessons. He can “say” more with one look than some actors with 2 pages of script.

        See, I mainly watch British TV and some American but I’ve not turned the TV on for a German show in about 8 years and I’ve been living back home for the last 2. There’s nothing decent, the acting is too wooden and everything that’s originally in another language is horribly dubbed.

        I’m not saying Lucy Liu or Jonny Lee Miller are bad actors. And I can kinda see the appeal, but I grew up with the ACD canon. The only things I insist on for purity are that the two of them are men and that it’s set in London. Everything else is fair game. 🙂

  8. Is that your beautiful silver cup with the coffee in it? I just love it, and the lovely saucer it is on. I love Downton Abbey though I think it is a bit soap operaish lately. Big Bang Theory is genius, Do you watch Episodes- a brilliant show IMHO.

    • I wish that was my cup. That belongs to a Flickr contributor (I gave him credit at the bottom of the post). He was super excited about the coffee too.

      I’ve wanted to watch Episodes, but I can find it online to stream. Showtime has that show locked down.

  9. I do enjoy Downton Abbey but I’m not gaga over it. It is definitely a soap opera. I’m actually glad it’s coming to an end. I love Criminal Minds. I hate Scandal. I love Grey’s Anatomy. There are two old series I watch over and over again. I own the DVDs and I own the digital versions. NYPD Blue and The West Wing. If there were nothing ever to be watched until the end of time except these two shows, it would be enough for me. I only watch what I can stream and what I can watch on ABC because I don’t have any cable service so ABC is all that comes in where I am.

    Thanks for the coffee and the chat. It’s always fun to read what others enjoy, even the hypocrital ones!!! 😉

    • Ha! Thanks.

      I’ve really been thinking about canceling my service and just stream. My friend streams and has a tuner so she gets a surprising number of stations but none she actually wants to watch. I’ve always had cable or satellite my entire life. The only time I didn’t have cable was when I was too broke to afford it in college (pre-streaming days). I hated those times.

      But hey, I just got rid of my landline phone last year. After I hadn’t made a call in 11 months I finally decided to ditch the landline. Who knows how long it will take for me to break up with cable/satellite.

    • I liked the 9th and 10th Doctors. Honestly, I loooooooooooved Tennant. I was always torn with Smith because when I finally started to like him, I hated his companion. Not sure how I feel about the new Doctor. They are doing some weird things show wise so I’ve decided to just accept this period of transition.

      Even as a kid when I watched reruns of the old show, I was all over the place with my Who-love/hate. I’ve been a fan (or heartbroken former fan) my whole life. I guess it’s part of the Doctor Who experience.

      • I have had my favourites and not do favourites over the years. I loved Tennant too and Smith was so quirky! I’m with you about the new one, I’m warming slowly to him but time will tell!

  10. I don’t like soap operas either. It’s the sap I object to. I don’t mind romance, drama, betrayal, etc. — those all make good stories. I just don’t like sappy ones. I’m not touching Downton Abbey except to say it did not grab me, so I can’t say if counts as a soap or not.

    I’ll watch procedurals if they are well-done, and I love some crime drama. Currently, Justified is my favorite show. I’m also a fan of historical stuff and action/adventure. So, Copper, Boardwalk Empire, Musketeers, Black Sails, The Borgias, are all shows I’ve enjoyed, and I miss the ones that are finished.

    • I love Justified too. I’m sad to see it end, but I’d rather it have 6 solid seasons then whimper out.

      I almost didn’t post about not enjoying Downtown and Scandal because I know how passionate the fans are.

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