Tech Tip: Puzzlemaker from @DiscoveryEd


Discovery Education’s Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool. Anyone can create and print a customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more-using your own lists. Puzzlemaker is great for educators, students, and parents.

The directions for each puzzle are really easy to follow. There are so many ways for educators to use the free puzzle generator. Teachers can use Puzzlemaker as a part of project-based learning. Learning about animal classification? Students could create a project-topic related puzzle like a word search or a criss-cross puzzle using appropriate animal classification words. Or, students could think critically by creating or solving puzzles like a cryptogram or math squares.


I’ve always loved cryptograms. Can you figure this out?

Puzzles you can make on Puzzlemaker:

Permission is granted to print unlimited copies of puzzles if used for classroom use only.

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