Student/Me: The Pats

Scene: It’s the start of class. Students are putting their things away and starting on the beginning of class activity. There is one table that has way too much buzz going on in my 4th grade classroom. I walk over to see what the fuss is all about.


Me: What’s going on over here?

Student: It’s NOT fair Ms. P!

Me. What’s not fair, sweetie?

Students: It’s not fair they get to send only one team!!

Me: Who?

Student (extremely put out): ENGLAND!

Me (very confused): Baby*, what are you talking about?

Student: It isn’t fair that England gets to pick the best players out of their WHOLE COUNTRY, and everybody else has to get players from here. That’s why they win all the time. Isn’t that like cheating?

Me (laughing): No. Not really. England is not the same thing as New England. I’m so glad we’re about to start our colonial unit. Now, don’t you worry about the New England Patriots.


Pat Patriot

Pat Patriot



*I’m from Louisiana. We honey, baby, sugar, sweetie, sweetheart, darling, (etc.) everybody.


5 thoughts on “Student/Me: The Pats

  1. That’s adorable. Growing up in Massachusetts, I remember as a youth, feeling affronted that everyone else’s state got there very own football team, but I had to share with 5 other states!

  2. Love that story. BTW I’m from the Midwest and I honey, baby, sweetie, darling, dear all of my kiddos. I also “ya’ll” the class and invariably get funny looks but hey I went to college in the bootheel of Missouri it was normal there I just picked it up.

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