Your Opinions Please: #Paperli


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Purpose of Website: is a free, online newspaper that allows users to create and share their own newspaper with others. This newspaper is usually a collection of blog and news articles.

The Good: I have been featured in many newspapers by fellow educators whom I respect and made connections via the internet.

The Bad: I’m also “featured” in users’ online newspapers, I’ll call them the Others, who do not have an education focus or any focus for that matter.

The Ugly: I suspect that many of the Others are spammers looking for a click.

My Conundrum: I don’t want to write off Paperli because there are people who make these online newspapers who I like and respect virtually. But then there are oh so many more Others.

Have you had any experience with What are your opinions of the service? Have you had any experience with the Others?



8 thoughts on “Your Opinions Please: #Paperli

    • It’s awesome when it is a real person. But I get a spammy feeling from the “Others”.
      I just wonder if the site itself is completely legitimate because there seems to me a lot of suspicious users.

  1. I don’t understand it. I have received a few mentions on it but when I click it there is nothing with my blog on it, so was thinking it was some sort of spam.

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