Tech Tip: @Scholastic’s StudyJams!


Do you want to bring fun, interactive math and science experiences into your classroom or home? Then Scholastic’s StudyJams! is a great option for you. StudyJams! uses media like images, video, interactive quizzes, and more to help students learn essential skills in math and science. Some Jams include slide shows and even karaoke videos! Scholastic has developed lesson plans to help teachers teach four essential STEM concepts. There are over 200 science and math topics from which you can choose.

The best thing about StudyJams! is it a great, engaging educational resource that is completely free. There is no need to sign up, and the website is ad-free. Since StudyJams! is a free, online tool, students have easy access to use and explore Jams at home.

StudyJams! are:

  • Targeted and grade-appropriate
    StudyJams! is a great tool to complement your existing lesson plans and teach students using material that’s grade-appropriate. Developed specifically for students in grades 3–6, the content covers more than 200 math and science for those grades.
  • In multiple teaching formats for varied learning styles
    StudyJams! offers multiple learning methods to match the different learning styles of your students. It includes videos, music and songs, step-by-step math instruction, or slideshows. Plus quizzes on every topic reinforce comprehension.
  • Fun and engaging
    Research shows that students who are engaged in their learning are more likely to grasp and retain difficult concepts. Because StudyJams! uses interactive multimedia kids love, along with examples taken from the real world, your students will stay focused and find relevance in math and science.

Study Jams! Topics Include:


Addition and Subtraction
Data Analysis
Decimals and Percents
Multiplication and Division
Problem Solving


Energy, Light, and Sound
Force and Motion
Human Body
Rocks, Minerals, and Landforms
Scientific Inquiry
Solar System
Weather and Climate

Have you checked out StudyJams yet, Dear Reader? If so, share your jammin’ experience in the comments below!




Teaching with StudyJams!

StudyJams! Overview

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