Twitter Chats for Educators: Beginners’ Guide


Education Twitter chats are a great way to interact with other professionals from around the world. Twitter chats are like an international, online professional development opportunity. At a Twitter chat, educators in your country and around the world meet up on Twitter to talk about teaching and learning.

Twitter chats are a great way to build a PLN (professional learning network) too. It’s pretty cool to learn that educators share a lot of the same obstacles, professional goals, strategies, frustrations, and joys no matter where they are located on a map.

Twitter chats are a little akward at first, especially if you participate in one of the big ones like #edchat or #satchat. So, it is fine if you choose to lurk before you jump in.

Make sure you include the appropriate hashtag in your Tweet. If you don’t, your tweet won’t show up int the Twit Chat stream for other participants to see.

Don’t hesitate to favorite, retweet, and reply. It’s about engagement and collaboration after all.

Most Twitter chats take place weekly; however, some popular chats take place biweekly or monthly. The times are usually set by a specific time zone and everyone participating uses the same hashtag like #edchat, #satchat, #tlap, or #whatisschool. Below are some images and infographics that can help you learn more!

The Weekly Twitter Chat Schedule

The Weekly Twitter Chat Schedule

*Includes most Twitter chats

Do you participate in Twitter chats? What some of your favorites?

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