15 Blog Posts I’d Never Write



1. Wonderful Ways to Greet the Day Other Than Drinking Coffee

2. How to Get the Perfect Tan in 5 Easy Steps

3. Why Internet Explorer Is My Go To Browser

4. My Classic Lit Pick of the Week

5. Fancy & Fantastic Fonts: Comic Sans

6. Kneading, Knitting, and You

7. Comma Debate: End the Oxford Comma

8. The Plight of the Introverted Educator

9. Grow Up! Candy’s Just for Kids

10. Daily Opinion: More Websites Should Be Flash Based

11. Scarves Are Silly, Don’t Wear Them

12. Why I Love Invitation Emails from Linkdin

13. You Can Never Have Too Much Data or Assessments

14. Cute Ways to Get Crafty in the Classroom

15. The Tragedy That Is Taco Tuesdays


What are some blog posts you’d never write?


Note: This post was inspired by Alison from Writing Wishing and her blog post 20 Blog Posts I Will Never Write.

18 thoughts on “15 Blog Posts I’d Never Write

    • I’ve tried hot water after I looked it up from a previous comment. At night I’ll drink chamomile tea with lemon or just hot water with lemon. I don’t hate hot water with lemon (I actually like my cold/room temp water with lemons. I like lemons.). But hot water w/ lemon in lieu of coffee? Nope. I can’t do it.

      … Okay, I only tried the hot water with lemon because I was out of my sleepy tea, and I still had lemons. When I looked it up I thought, “What could it hurt?”

      • I usually have the hot lemon water first then coffee! Not having coffee in the am is pure madness! The chamomile tea before bed is simply the best!

  1. Exactly. There is no “wonderful way to greet the day” other than with coffee. I’ve heard lemon juice and hot water is supposed to be refreshing and miraculously cleansing when drunk first thing in the morning.

    I remain skeptical.

  2. hahaha COMIC SANS! Some of my kids deliberately submit essays in Comic Sans because they know I hate it. At least I haven’t seen anything in Curlz…yet.

    And I’m ashamed to admit this, but I think I’ve probably considered writing about the plight of the introverted educator, but I didn’t know what else to write besides, “I’m quiet. But I can’t be in the classroom. So I adjust. The End.”

    Love this post. A great way to finish up NaBloPoMo.

    • Ha! Curlz is so gross. I get mad because so many of the letters my school sent home to parents would be in Comic Sans. The. Worst!

      I think the plight of the introverted educator would be a great post if you ever get around to writing it. I’ve worked with two amazing teachers who were/are serious introverts. I love getting in front of people, and I don’t shy away from conflict. It’s hard for me to understand why they are so reserved when they are so talented, intelligent, and have a lot to say even though they don’t always share. I finally had to learn to back off (a little not completely, I have issues with being pushy) and let them be them. If I didn’t, I ended up being the loud extrovert speaking for the quiet introverts.

  3. Definitely I would never wrote the Oxford comma post or the Internet Explorer post! Ugh IE, I’m working desperately to break my students of that habit, we use mostly Chrome but i can accept Firefox.

    • “Ugh, IE”, Hahahahahaha! That browser is just the worst. I hate when education websites work best on IE. Why does this still happen? It’s not the 90’s!

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

      • Fortunately most of the sites I use with my kids don’t work on IE so when they complain it’s easy to get them to switch to Chrome. Of course when the computer defaults to IE it’s tough. My district utilizes Google Apps for Education and in our programs folder Google Drive defaults to open in IE, drives me crazy.

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