Memes and Comics in the Classroom

Memes and Comics in the Classroom via @KRenaeP Memes and comics can be a fun way to demonstrate important concepts and break up the monotony in the classroom.There is no time like the present to bring some humor into your class. The students (and teachers) are seeing these memes and comics while they are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Reddit, etc. Might as well bring it into the classroom and talk about.


1. Julius Ceaser is still a little bitter about his assassination.


2. Don’t fall for Chemistry Cat’s deadly science tricks.

Pb and J Killer

3. That plant is just getting what it needs now so you can later.

A relaxing day at the photosynthesis spa

4. That bear can barely understand the US Constitution.

I got kicked outta school for these 'bear arms'

 5. What did one charged atom say to the other? I’ve got my ion you.


 6. The optimists were right!The glass is ALWAYS full. That's just basic science.

7. Stop! Hammer time.

I've got 99 problems but indulgence ain't one

 7.5 I’ve got Ninety-Five Theses but Indulgence ain’t one.

8. Some disagreements will never be resolved.

A never-ending feud

9. Man, that coach got personal.


10. Shedding some more light on science topics. Photons travel





1. Eye Witness Account of the Assassination

Note: Nicolaus of Damascus wrote his account of the murder of Caesar a few years after the event. He was not actually present when the assassination occurred but had the opportunity to speak with those who were. He was a friend of Herod the Great and gathered his information during a visit to Rome. His account is thought to be reliable. This could lead to an interesting class discussion about whether his account is a primary source or secondary source.

2. TED-Ed and the Periodic Table of Videos

3. Photosnythesis

4. Bill of Rights

5. Looking at Ions

6. Main States of Matter

7. Martin Luther

8. Probiotics and  Antibiotics

9. Using Pronouns Clearly

10. What Is a Photon?

16 thoughts on “Memes and Comics in the Classroom

    • A meme is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture” (copied from Wikipedia).

      Often ideas or images that we use and share repeatedly are memes.The internet phenomena of using pictures & other media to document ideas and/or themes is considered a ‘meme’. Example: You see the picture and almost immediately know what it means/represents then you share it. That’s a meme.

    • Thanks. That ‘bear arms’ makes me giggle too. I do know and love philosoraptor. I’ve already decided to include one on my part 2 of this series. If I ever get around to making a part 2!:)

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