100 Things For Which I’m Grateful



While visiting different teacher blogs, I ran across an interesting challenge from Jaana’s Writing Blog. Her challenge was to post 100 things you for which you are grateful. I immediately liked this challenge more than 100 Days of Happy or 30 Days of Thankful because I just can’t keep up with all of that. I’m much too lazy. This was a challenge I knew I could complete, and for that, I was grateful.

Spoiler Alert: Procrastination and disorganization are two things not on my grateful list.

I’m grateful for (in no particular order):

  1. My entire family
  2. My friends
  3. Love
  4. My mom
  5. My dad
  6. My crazy sisters and brother
  7. My nieces and nephew
  8. Theatre
  9. Television
  10. Movies
  11. Books
  12. Science
  13. Computers
  14. Cellphones/Smartphones
  15. Social Media: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook
  16. Travel
  17. Creativity
  18. My career
  19. Sunflowers
  20. Humor
  21. The Fall and all the other seasons but Fall is my favorite
  22. The internet
  23. Music
  24. Wine
  25. Fund for Teachers
  26. The smell of fresh cut grass
  27. Christmas
  28. Thanksgiving
  29. Sunshine
  30. Hugs
  31. Blogging
  32. A good laugh
  33. Sleep
  34. Relationships
  35. Pandora– Used it since like 2000, I’ve tried other internet radio stations but I always come back
  36. My ancestors
  37. Education
  38. Knowledge
  39. My bed
  40. Cute shoes
  41. Morning coffee
  42. Art
  43. Technology
  44. The moon
  45. History
  46. Gravity
  47. Driving with the sunroof open
  48. Airplanes
  49. Being able to give to others
  50. Opportunities
  51. Vivid dreams at night
  52. Professional learning opportunities
  53. Grants
  54. National and State Endowment for the Humanities
  55. My car
  56. Tacos
  57. Mistakes/Failures
  58. Presents/Presence
  59. Bubble baths
  60. Being independent
  61. Reading on the porch
  62. Old pictures
  63. Christmas music
  64. The sound laughter
  65. The car wash- I hate washing my car
  66. Cool looking buildings
  67. Good food
  68. My parent’s divorce
  69. Growth after Conflict: ex. Both of my parents actually became better parents after their divorce
  70. Bodies of water (lakes, rivers, ocean)
  71. Relaxation
  72. Daydreams
  73. Landforms
  74. My colleagues
  75. Hindsight
  76. Imagination
  77. Dancing
  78. Nice teeth
  79. Good health
  80. Brunches
  81. The sound of trains
  82. Spices
  83. The fact my nieces and nephew (who is now in his 20s!) still think I’m pretty cool
  84. My dentist
  85. Good character
  86. Veterans
  87. Pedicures
  88. Walking along the riverfront
  89. Poetry
  90. My completely dysfunctional upbringing
  91. Passion
  92. Air conditioning
  93. Video clips
  94. Earth
  95. Undergraduate student loans that are finally paid off!
  96. Lazy afternoons
  97. My stepmother being cancer free!
  98. Safety
  99. New learning experiences
  100. You, My Dear Readers! xoxo

Now it’s your turn. I challenge you to make a list of 100 things you are grateful for. If you aren’t digging that, you can share in the comments some things some things for which you are grateful. And if you don’t want to do any of those things, that’s cool. I’m not the boss of you.

26 thoughts on “100 Things For Which I’m Grateful

  1. I love your list and I love this challenge. I too am a daydreamer! I try to post things I am grateful for every Thursday… I call it my Thankful Thursday. It’s a reminder to me to focus on things of gratitude. Tomorrow my post will be 100 things I’m grateful for. Thanks for this challenge!

  2. What a great idea! I’m a procrastinator, too, and would have a hard time with the daily challenges. I love that you included experiences that were probably painful as you were going through them, but that in the long run have turned out to have a positive aspect to them. Perspective is everything! Thanks for sharing.

    • Perspective, I with I could add that to my list. 🙂

      I’d gladly read your list whenever you got around to posting it. Note: I finally posted my list 2 weeks after I read Jaana’s post. That’s a quick turnaround for me.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Love your list! Today I am grateful that my daughter is coming home for 2..5 weeks! I haven;t seen her in over a year! But reading your list tonight made me think of many more things that I am grateful for! P.S. My original challenge came from Terje who also commented here on your list!

    • I felt this was more natural for me than 30 days. I thought I couldn’t make 100 then I found it was hard to only have one hundred. I really enjoyed the reflection. I know you have a lot of writing on your plate, but I hope you can find time to do this. 🙂

  4. I agree with Terje, 100 is a small number when it comes to being grateful. When I began my list, 100 seemed so far off, but the list was completed in no time at all. How interesting it is to see what makes the list.

  5. Your list is rich. I loved creating my list some time ago. I felt instantly happier after I finished. Reading what other people put on their lists makes me notice things I could have added but didn’t think of at the moment of writing. 100 is a small number when it comes to being grateful.

    • That is exactly why I liked this experience so much. When I read Jaana’s list, I was inspired. I guess that is really what it is all about- sharing and celebrating gratitude. Thanks for starting the domino.

  6. A Good laugh and Christmas music! Two of my favorites! Thank you for sharing your list. I’ve been crafting mine in my journal. Guacamole-the good kind-is the most recent entry to my list. Happy Tuesday!

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