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Quizlet 5Quizlet was was created by Andrew Sutherland in 2005 as a way to study for his high school French class  Officially launched in 2007, it became available to the public as a site for creating study words lists.  Quizlet quickly grew as students and teachers created word lists for practicing vocabulary, language, and grammar; today , it is used by millions of people around the globe.Quizlet 3Feature by feature, Quizlet has improved dramatically as a site for educators.  There are now six options for students using Quizlet.  By purchasing Classroom Superpowers for $25 a year, my students have an ad-free study zone, I can record my own word cards, and add my own images.  Classroom and student progress are monitored for me.  The features I describe below are “superpowered.”

What kids get:  Once they are assigned to my classroom, students select an avatar and may access one of six modes for studying the content I provide.

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