5 More Educator Promises I Can’t Keep

As an educator, I make promises to myself and my students all the time. But sometimes there are promises I just can’t keep


 5. I promise to pay 100% attention in all meetings.



I want to pay complete attention, but my brain just won’t cooperate. I told my former principal that being attention challenged was the quality that made me a great teacher. She did not agree.

4. I promise my lesson plans will always be completed on time.



My students aren’t the only ones who have trouble staying on task. The lesson planning process is essential, but it seems to take so long.

3. I promise will never, ever leave my classroom of students alone for any reason ever.

hey girl


If you are a teacher, you have probably had to run out of your class to use the bathroom. It’s sort of a rite of passage. Also, if a teacher asks you to watch her class as she goes to the bathroom, do it. Do it every time.

2. I promise I am going to agree with everything the decision makers say and do.


RIP Psych. I loved you so.


It’s okay to respectfully disagree with decisions. Or at least it should be.

1. I promise I’m going to read the book we are reading for our book study.



I’m probably not going to read that book. But the chapter I present will be awesome!


Which promises can you not keep?

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