Video Clip: Florida’s Natural- Great Learning Commercial

Florida’s Natural Commercial

floridanaturalorangejuiceI’ve already shared how much I love using video clips in the classroom. This commercial is great because there are so many opportunities to bring in great discussions and activities into the classroom. Teachers could use this clip during a plant, organism, or economics unit.

Suggested Activities:
  • Ask focus questions: Why was there a bee buzzing around the flower? Why do oranges grow well in Florida? Which basic needs of plants were identified in the video?
  • Have students share what they saw in the video. Then, have students develop science related questions based on their background knowledge and what they saw in the video. Questions should not be answered with a yes/no.
  • Bring an orange to class. Ask students if oranges have anything to do with economics. Have students think about all resources (natural, capital, and/or human) involved with getting the oranges from the trees to the carton to consumers’ homes (e.g. oil, trucks, farmer, trees, stores, clerks, truck driver, ad executive, carton maker, web designer…). As students share their ideas, have them stand and justify how each resource is a part of economics. You can even connect each student with a piece of yarn as they share so that they can all see that they are connected. Then, they will see that an orange has a lot to do with economics!

What other ways could you use this video in your classroom?

4 thoughts on “Video Clip: Florida’s Natural- Great Learning Commercial

  1. I never thought about using commercials in some of those ways. I have used them to prompt persuasive writing assignments and to discuss how ads use racial stereotyping and demographics to sell products.

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