Nursing: The Best Job I Could Never Do

Image via Army Medicine

Image via Army Medicine

Haiku: The Nurse

Patient’s Advocate

Determined through long hours

Forgotten Hero.

-K. Renae P.

Nursing is the one of the only jobs I really want to do but can’t. Blood, body fluids, fecal matter, and all sorts of other cooties? No thank you!

I’ve always said God puts a special person on a cloud, gently sends them down to Earth, and they become a Pre-K or kindergarten teacher. I feel the same way about nurses. It is a calling.

I’ve had a lot of experiences with hospitals throughout my life- visiting friends, family, students, and my own hospital stints. I don’t always remember the doctors, but I always remember the nurses. They are the ones who are there to answer our questions and keep us calm. They hold our hands and make us laugh. Nurses forgive us when we are ugly to them because we are worried about our loved ones. They are tough when we don’t want it but need it. They tell us everything will be fine, and then they do everything they can to make sure it’s true. They poke us, prod us, feed us, clean us, heal us, and save us. Nurses are often under appreciated and over worked, but they still do it. They do it for us; their patients.

I am thankful for those who go into the medical profession. I am especially thankful for good-hearted, hard-working nurses. I really appreciate the men and women who choose enter a career of patient care. I know I couldn’t do it.

6 thoughts on “Nursing: The Best Job I Could Never Do

    • Thanks.

      I have a bunch of friends who are nurses. They just love all the yucky stuff.

      I made the mistake of eating lunch with a bunch of nurses (a friend and his coworkers) when I was off once. They went on and on about lancing boils. What made it worse was they were trying to one up each other with their stories. They thought it was hilarious lunch banter. Never going to lunch with a bunch of nurses again.

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