Barcelona Here I Come! (Part II)




In my previous post, Barcelona Here I Come (Part I), I talked about my journey to Spain and The Plan- my ingenious 5-step plan to combat jet lag.  When I arrived in Barcelona Saturday morning, I knew that The Plan may fail due to my utter failure in implementing Step 2. I really did not want to lose a day in Barcelona due to jet lag.

I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel. When I finally made it to my hotel it was only 11 AM. No rooms were ready yet. Good! I had no chance to sleep. Despite my utter failure in the implementation so far, The Plan was still in play.

I checked my luggage and walked to Placa d’Espanya. I saw the old Barcelona bullring which is now a mall.

Old Bullring Bullfighting is no longer legal in the state of Catalonia. Barcelona is a city in the state of Catalonia, Spain. If you didn’t know that, no worries. I didn’t know Spain divided its country into smaller, government regions either until I was researching for my fellowship.

I walked around the neighborhood of my hotel and realized that it was located away from the touristy areas but close enough to a metro station and Placa Espanya. Bonus! I love staying in places right outside of the hustle and bustle. Also, all the restaurants near my hotel mostly catered to the locals; so, the prices were very reasonable and the food was good. I had lunch and a cappuccino at a cafe. I was mistaken for a local twice, but my horrid Spanish quickly gave me away. I returned to my hotel around 2 PM, but the lobby was a madhouse so I walked some more. I got lost which turned out to be a good thing.

I took a lot of walks while I was in Barcelona. It was my favorite thing to do.

I took a lot of walks while I was in Barcelona. And I got lost. A Lot! It was one of my favorite thing to do.

Around 4 PM I checked in and got settled in my room. My room was average sized for most hotel rooms you’d find in larger cities. Although, I found it weird that there were two twin beds right next to each other.

What's up with that?

What’s up with that?

It took me a second to figure out that I need to put my room card in a slot by the door to make the electricity in my room work. That’s a pretty smart way to conserve energy.

Surprisingly, I didn't hate it.

Surprisingly, I didn’t hate it.

I got all unpacked and suddenly I was exhausted. My brain was crying for sleep. Alas, it was too early. I had The Plan after all. So I walked. It was the worst, most miserable walk of my life. Have you ever been sitting down and fallen asleep then you wake up with a jerk because your big head was plopping around? I was doing that as I walked. I had a quick dinner in a loud cafe and zombie walked back to the hotel. I showered and went straight to sleep. I was so tired that I forgot to take the over-the-counter sleep aid to ensure I stayed asleep.

I executed my plan poorly, but it was all good. I slept nine glorious hours and woke up the next morning ready to meet the day. Take that jet lag! In your face!

Up next: A bus tour and I meet my Creativity Workshop leaders and workshop mates.

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16 thoughts on “Barcelona Here I Come! (Part II)

  1. Ah yes, the card in the slot. Sometimes it’s annoying but it’s also good for the environment, especially when you’re running the A/C. And the twin beds next to each other!! I quickly got used to that, but it’s true that we’d never do that here. One thing I found bizarre in Spain (& Portugal too) was that probably only 4 of the 20 or so places we stayed had a real shower door or curtain. Others had little half panes of glass that really didn’t keep any of the water in the stall.

    • Mine had the shower curtain. I was expecting to be really unimpressed with my bathroom, but I wasn’t. It wasn’t a huge culture shock. Nothing in Barcelona was a huge culture shock, thankfully. My hotel had a daily breakfast, some of the European guests complained there was no kettle in the room. Kettles/coffee makers are always a crap shoot here so I never expect them in any hotel. Plus, there was an awesome, local cafe right next to the hotel. That and I refuse to drink out of a germ infested hotel coffee maker.

      I know you just got back from a whirlwind trip that I’m completely jealous of. Do you know what the deal is with the twin beds? It isn’t uncomfortable or anything, and usually I can figure out why something is different than what I’m used to. The twin beds got me stumped.

      • I don’t know the reasoning behind it, except for that maybe it looks nicer? Or maybe if they’re already pushed together it’s easier to convert them to a king-size? Who knows.

  2. I forgot about the card in the slot. It sure made our first evening interesting!. I love travel, but hate jet lag. We always have a plan but usually end up napping, just to save the marriage!

  3. Is this the end? Part III is in the works, right? I’ve felt that zombie walk. I still have little kids so zombie walk is common round here. Really I have to look more into this fellowship you talk about too! It sounds amazing! Oh to be an educator allowed to travel the world and share the knowledge from those first hand travels – sounds too perfect! Another note, I had no idea about the hotel card or anything you’ve just taught me about Spain. Super cool.

  4. I am enjoying your travel and tips. It seems like life, we plan and plans do not always match up to reality. That can make life fun and interesting, right? I snooped around your blog a bit and love that you have discovered that great impact of life long learning on our teaching. My education is being expanded through knowledge of the FFT (which like Tara said is new information to me, too). Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, Barcelona on a creativity workshop fellowship – how amazing is that! I look forward to hearing more, and thanks for sharing this link, I did not even know that such an organization existed!

  6. Yikes, I’m worried about my trip to London now… I’ll definitely be doing the zombie walk all day! This also makes me want to attend a Creativity Workshop. Would this be something that could count toward the professional development requirement for teachers? I can’t wait to hear more about your conference and trip!

    • Yes, it is a professional development opportunity. My workshop had teachers from almost every continent, doctors, an inventor, a dancer, a yoga teacher…

      And thanks.

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