Barcelona Here I Come! (Part I)


It was time to start my Fund for Teachers Fellowship. I had already paid for my plane tickets, tuition for the workshop, hotel, an Articket, a Casa Batllo ticket, and a La Sagrada Família ticket. No waiting in line for me! And goodness were some of those lines long. I was so happy I bought those tickets in advance.

I left home early on a Friday. I knew I would arrive in Barcelona the following Saturday morning. I worried about jet lag more than anything. I decided to make a plan to ensure the jet lag would not be so bad.

The Plan in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Get about 4-5 hours of sleep the night before my flight. Normally, I require 7-8 hours of sleep so 4-5 hours would leave me a little drowsy.

Step 2: Nap as much as I can on the three flights.

Step 3: Once I arrive in Barcelona, stay awake until bedtime, anytime between 8 PM-11 PM. Walk around. Do whatever. Just don’t fall asleep!

Step 4: Around 8 PM, take an over-the-counter sleep aid to make sure I stay asleep through the night and then sleep till the glorious morn. I have a tendency to be very excited when I travel to a new place, and I have trouble staying asleep because I’m so excited. The sleep aid would alleviate that problem.

Step 5: Success!

The Flights

My total traveling time including layovers was about 17 grueling hours. I was able to nap a little, but on my long, eight hour flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam there was so much to do via my backseat entertainment (movies, tv shows, music, games, real-time flight map) that it was hard for me to nap.

At my layover in Amsterdam, I decided that I was not implementing The Plan effectively. I was already so tired;  I concluded that I must nap on the 2 hour flight to Barcelona. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr

Picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr

Amsterdam is lovely. I hope to spend some time there one day.

I apparently sat in the Netherlandian family section. I was surrounded by a large family who were going to Barcelona for holiday*. There were grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and they had about 948 children in tow.  While these kids were just darling, little cute angels, they were kids. Kids who were really excited about going on holiday. What I am saying is they were loud. Very loud. What’s more, they were pretty excited that the Netherlands had beaten Spain in the World Cup**. It was kind of like a party bus in the air. Everybody was having a good time except me and some grouchy guy on the plane. We would soon give in and turn our attitudes around.

The family stood around talking and visiting like they were at a social gathering. A social gathering on a plane. They all completely ignored the seat belt light. I would have been mad if they all hadn’t been so dagum nice and a pretty awesome family.

One of the little cuties wanted to practice her English with me. Like I was going to say no to that! It turned out to be a pretty fun flight.

So far, The Plan was being executed poorly.

*I’m being a classy, international woman of leisure saying holiday instead of vacation. Travel has changed me.

**  I didn’t even know World Cup had started. I also didn’t know that the USA team was playing. I know, so American. Geaux Saints!

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7 thoughts on “Barcelona Here I Come! (Part I)

  1. Hahahahaha! I admire your plan greatly and feel for you only slightly since I’ve always failed at plans like these too. Your candor always cracks me up though and I have to say I’m undeniably jealous! Now i’m off to Part II to see how this played out…

  2. Even if you didn’t fully execute your plan, I think I might try to use it (because it is a pretty good plan). We’re taking a trip to London this year, and our flight leaves Dallas at 6pm and arrives in London sometime around 8am… I’m hoping to knock myself out with sleep aids on that plane ride.

    • That sounds like a good plan. I was afraid to take a sleep aid on the plane because they knock me slap out. I wanted to be alert for my layover in Amsterdam.

      I’m jealous you are going to London. I’ve been saving to see my friend who lives there. I hope you post about your trip.

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