Roundup: Teacher Blogs Part II


 An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t.

-Anatole France

There are some great blogs that focus on education and teaching. Here are some teacher blogs I enjoy.

Two Teachers Writing

Two Teachers Writing is a “place that erases all barriers and focuses simply on teaching kids to write and catching minds in the midst”. It also focuses on teachers  practicing what they teach and developing their own writing abilities. Each Tuesday the team at Two Teachers host a challenge called Slice of Life. This challenge consists of teachers writing an individual life story on his/her blog, sharing that post in the comments of the the SOL weekly post, and reading & commenting on other teachers’ Slice of Life posts. The cool thing is that this challenge is open to all bloggers across all platforms.

Sir Says

I love everything about this blog. I love the fancy words, the black and white setting, funny stories, everything. When I read Mr. Tall13’s posts, I read in Stephen Fry’s voice which may be inappropriate entirely, but it makes me happy so there’s that. I also enjoy exploring teacher blogs outside of the US. It is nice to know that ultimately we teachers are all in the same boat, and most of us really enjoy the ride.

 Teaching Traveling

This site is both a website and a blog. It is geared toward “teacher-travelers”, teachers who like to travel and travelers who want to teach. The point of Teaching Traveling is to “celebrate that teaching is great, traveling is great, and we should all do more of both”. I love the site because it is lousy with information for TEFL teachers, international teachers, and traditional teachers who want to travel. It has tons of information on traveling grants and fellowships for teachers. I hope to see some of my favorite international teacher bloggers or traveling teachers share their experiences as a guest blogger on this site.

Unplumbed Depths

Ms. Prof  is a professor at a junior college. She writes about academia, teaching, pedagogy, pop culture, politics, pets, writing, and anything that is on her mind. Her posts are often informative, humorous, and thought provoking. It is quite possible she will challenge what you think, but it isn’t disrespectful or baiting. And she does it without writing walls of words.

Mister G Kids

Mister G Kids is a daily webcomic. The comics focus on Mr. G’s experience as a substitute teacher and the funny things the elementary students (and sometimes adults) have said to him.



What are your favorite blogs about teaching? Do you have a teacher blog, that’s about teaching & stuff not selling educational products,  that you want to share? If so, let’s talk about it in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Roundup: Teacher Blogs Part II

  1. I liked your point about blogs that are about teaching, not selling educational stuff! I blog about teaching adult literacy and numeracy, but I read lots of blogs by teachers who work in ESOL, post secondary, and kids of all ages. When you talk about teaching, we have lots in common, no matter who or where we teach.

    • Thanks. I was surprised to learn (when I first started blogging) that a bunch of teachers blogs were just vehicles for their products. That’s fine- just not for me.

      Thanks for visiting.

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