Today Was a Good Day

Today started like any normal day. I woke up late as usual and was in a panic. Whenever I’m running late in the morning, I always become anxious about being where I need to be on time. I also have to deal with the very real fact that I may not have time for coffee. Sadly today, I did not have time for coffee. I had a plane to catch, and I could not miss another flight due to dumbery. I’m a teacher, and I should know better by now! Oh, bless your heart K. Renae P. That must have been awful for you. Thanks for your concern Dear Reader, it was unfathomably terrible.

Image from Cafe Press

I had my Mom drive me to the airport because that is the kind of stuff Moms are supposed to do for their fully grown, adult children. And unlike most senior citizens (She’d kill me if she read that. Good thing she doesn’t read blogs including mine.), she drove like Speed Racer with a space shuttle engine because that’s how she always drives. I checked-in to see that my flight was delayed. Of course it was.

The delay turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it gave me time to get a surprisingly delicious cappuccino at my rinky dink regional airport cafe. It was then time for some much need social media. Unfortunately, my new phone flat-out refused to do anything that made sense. I concluded that my phone must be defective because it was most certainly not my fault.**

Normally when I fly, I try to fly Delta. Not because Delta has exquisite service, or I’m dedicated to their frequent flyer program. I’m not loyal to any brand. I like to fly Delta for the Delta cookies.

Little Crispy Pieces of Delicous Heaven

Little Crispy Pieces of Delicious Heaven (Ginger Ale Not Pictured)

I was so excited that I was going to enjoy those flaky culinary delights with some ginger ale. When my stewardess asked me if I cared for something like  a beverage or pretzels; I replied sweetly, “I would like a ginger ale and Delta cookies please”. Guess what? She said that they didn’t have any Delta cookies. No Delta cookies! On a Delta flight! Why else do you think I fly this death trap? I fly for the cookies Ma’am!

I was utterly devastated. First, I wake up late then the coffee delay then the plane delay then the defective phone** and now this! I expressed my displeasure by sighing sadly and drooping my head like a scolded dog.  My stewardess offered me pretzels. Salty. Dry. Pretzels! Pretzels do not pair well with ginger ale. How dare she. If I had choked to death, she would have been sorry.

After my complimentary snack, I sat in my aisle seat sulking.  I was disappointed and bored because my phone wasn’t working; I had no music to listen to and nothing to read. I saw my stewardess standing next to me with a sweet smile on her face. I hated her. She slyly slid a package of Delta cookies toward me. I was so happy I forgot to say thank you. I regret that now, but as a wise man once said, It is what it is.

Even though my ginger ale was long gone, I enjoyed those glorious cookies. I forgave my Dear Stewardess and revoked my promise to never fly Delta again. Delta is my favorite. Fly Delta.

Hours later I arrived at my destination. I checked into my hotel and decided it was time to peruse my social media outlets on my computer and what do I see?


They used my Daily Prompt suggestion! I was pretty excited. Then I got mad because I could have been reading responses to my suggested prompt but nooooooo; I’d been risking my life stuck on a mystical flying machine or laid over at some airport with exorbitantly high-priced WiFi fees.

No worries though, there’s a bright side. My blog is officially 2 months old today; I got Delta cookies on both my flights; I had safe trip; I’m now a part of  an amazing, national teacher council; and my prompt suggestion was used. Today was a good day.


** Protip: It is unsmart to purchase a new phone the day before a business trip. It is even more unsmart not to sync or update phone before said trip.

13 thoughts on “Today Was a Good Day

  1. I also fly Delta because their schedule for getting me across the country to college is perfect (late morning start, short layover, end late in the evening). But those Delta cookies are definitely a plus! And I always get ginger ale on planes too. The tombstone generator cracked me up!

    • I like Delta’s hubs. I rarely have to go to DFW on Delta which is all I want. I’ve actually had good luck with all the airlines.

      I love the Tombstone Generator. It makes me giggle.

      • I always end up flying through Detroit, and I like the Detroit airport a fair amount. I feel how you feel about DFW with Newark.

  2. While I am unable to sympathize about the lack of coffee (for some reason it makes me sleepy) I wouldn’t make it without some caffeine to start my day. Sadly mine is usually water infused with caffeine and some artificial flavor… but on the rare occasion I splurge on a Dr. Pepper 🙂 But congrats on the Daily Prompt. I saw it come to my email and I was like “Hey! I follow her blog” made me feel important to know someone lol 🙂

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