Things That Make Summer Awesome

I love Kid President and summer! I also appreciate SoulPancake’s initiative to make this summer even more awesome by teaming with ConAgra Foods to raise awareness of child hunger. Yay!

By the way, students aren’t the only ones who love summer. Teachers do too! After I watched the video, I thought about my own list of things that make summer awesome.

5. I get to sleep late!


Via Garfield & Friends

4. Being able to spend more time with friends and family.


3. I have more time to read and watch tv & movies.


My Truth: It has gotten to the point where I purposely save shows so I can have marathon viewings during the summer. I cannot be the only one who does that. I blame Netflix.

2. Not having to cram all my errand running into one day.

Ahhh. More time for my favorite kind of errand.

Ahhh. More time for my favorite kind of errand.

1. Doing whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. Yes, I like to do professional development over the summer. I also like to travel, have fun, read, watch movies, hang with people I love, slowly eat my lunch instead of scarfing it down, go to the bathroom whenever I want, blog, or relax & do nothing.



What makes summer awesome for you? What do you love about summer?

8 thoughts on “Things That Make Summer Awesome

    • Yep. I’m a little sad too to watch my group of kiddos leave me, but summer is pretty awesome! The thing I’ve enjoyed best about blogging so far is learning that we teacher are all very much the same.

  1. June 25th is still too far! I’m out next week. That’s not nice to share. Sorry. I’m also out soon is what I meant! Shoot I’m with you with the shows saved up this summer. I have at least 10. House of Cards is a maybe. It’s second string.

    As always, you are one of the funniest writers I follow. Keep them coming.

  2. Oooohhh…I can’t wait for summer. I like to do everything on your list. House of Cards is on my Netflix binge list for this summer. June 25…hurry up!! Love Kid President. 🙂

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