Tech Tip: Create a Graph

I love graphs. I love any sort of data organization that makes digesting information easier. It is a part of my ‘Work Smarter‘ mantra. I also love free things and sharing stuff.



Create a Graph

Create a Graph explains and illustrates different types of graphs. It also provides a step-by-step guide to creating graphs for downloading and printing. There is no need to purchase expensive software to make simple, nice looking graphs. There’s even a handy dandy tutorial to get you started, but you really don’t need it. Create a Graph is very easy to figure out.

I know you can make graphs in Word, Excel, and even PowerPoint; however, I find this website is the best graph creator for my 4th grade students. It is really easy for them to use. I make graphs to help my students learn how to analyze data effectively. I love that the graphs can be downloaded in a variety of formats including PDF, PNG, JPG, EMF, and more.

I’ve had students go on to middle school and use this website to make impressive graphs for school projects. That is one of my goals when it comes to technology. I want my students to use these tools outside of my classroom. I do not like using a ton of technology that costs a bunch of money and/or can only be accessed only at school.

Note: Create a Graph is the name of the website; it is not the web address.


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10 thoughts on “Tech Tip: Create a Graph

  1. I’ll definitely check this out. I teach Newspaper Journalism and we include a few graphs in each edition of our paper. We create them using excel which confuses the heck out of most of my kids. We will absolutely give this a shot! 🙂

  2. Hey, if it’s designed for kids, then us adults could probably use it too! … I’m so tired of ‘over engineered’ software that needs a manual to make sense of the user manual … that you need to read to find out that all the useful stuff is on an impossible-to-navigate website!

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