Video Clip: Princess and the Frog


The-Princess-And-The-Frog-posterI love film! Movie clips are a great way to hook students into a lesson and spice up the classroom. You can find learning opportunities in all sorts of places.

I recently shared a video clip from Frozen and talked about how you could have a great discussion about heat energy. This clip from The Princess and the Frog  is great for sparking students’ interests about Louisiana history and geography.

Possible Video Discussion Questions:

  • Ray said he was a Cajun. What does that mean?
  • What evidence did Ray give to support that he was a Cajun?
  • Explain what you know about the Cajun culture.
  • What is a bayou? How is a bayou different or similar to a lake or river? What type of organism(s) can you find in a bayou?
  • Use a Louisiana map to explain why Ray the lightning bug, who is from New Orleans, would think Shreveport was “Far, far away from this world”.

These were just a few ways you could use this video clip. Please share any other ideas you have in the comments.

Side Note: Ray was a lightning bug. Being from Louisiana, I always called them that. I didn’t know until I was an adult that fireflies and lightning bugs were the same thing. There has been a significant decline in the lightning bug/firefly population in Louisiana over the years. I rarely see them anymore which is too bad. Lightning bugs are awesome.

I used to think it was inappropriate to use movie clips in my classroom. I’m glad I got over that.


20 thoughts on “Video Clip: Princess and the Frog

    • I completely agree. I’ve looked up tons of stuff because I heard a reference on a television show or the movies, and I didn’t know what it was. Why not bring these conversations in the classroom? They are doing this with or without us.

      • Exactly right. Even as a psychologist supervising provisional psychologists there was benefit in films as a learning tool. Some films are the perfect case study of complex mental health. The options are endless with video learning opportunities.

  1. Love your title! Movie clips are a great way to engage students…they are fast and effective and students pay attention. I like this post because you include the clip and sample questions. Nice!

  2. Speaking as a student, seeing and interacting with a lesson is far more instructional than a plain lecture. And relating a lesson back to pop culture (especially when let’s face it, kids hate school) is even more effective. If the teacher makes the lesson memorable, kids will remember it. In short, this is a great post, and I agree entirely!

    • Thanks so much. I honestly think it makes the learning more practical. I like using current pop culture references in class too.

      You are 100% right about my students remembering concepts better. It’s only a few minutes out of my class. Plus, it’s fun for me too. Win-win I say.

  3. Film clips – especially Disney clips – are a great way to get kids to have fun while learning! When I taught 9th grade, I had my students analyze “Poor Unfortunate Souls” for appeals during our persuasion unit. They thought it was stupid at first, but it helped them get a basic understanding of appeals before we moved on to the hard stuff.

    • You have blown my mind! I started doing a lot more debating and developing arguments in my 4th grade class this year.This clip is perfect! Thanks.

      What’s sad is a lot of my students have never seen The Little Mermaid. They think it’s old school.

  4. You gotta do what you gotta do! I love using them too! And the kids love finding them for you (I started a file where they did all the work for me 😉 ) My end of the year go to: The Italian Job (I teach HS math) – the entire movie and I don’t even feel bad because I manage to review almost every topic from Alg 2! BAM!

    • They sure do love finding them. My 4th graders are better at finding tv shows to share with me, but those are harder to find online. They do it because they want to- not extra credit or candy… Well, hugs. They are gonna get a hug.

      You have to write a post on the Italian Job.

  5. I am so glad that you got over the idea that using movie clips was somehow inappropriate. I think that you are a fine teacher because you are using whatever tools that work in order to educate and stimulate your pupils thinking and that is fantastic because they will walk away from the classroom with a lot more that way. After all, if you want them to think out of the box, then you have to be the source for that. Lead by example right? I wish there were more teachers like you out there!

    • Wow, thanks so much. I also like that my kiddos start telling me about something they watched and how I should use it in the classroom. They are thinking about school outside of school. Bonus!

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