Liebster Award: The Blog Award that Ruined Me for All Other Blog Awards



I am very excited to have been nominated for a Liebster Award by several bloggers I respect and enjoy reading. I’m not sure how I can top this; so, I won’t try. Liebster has ruined me for all other blog awards. I am now off the blog award market.

Here are the basic steps for the award:

  1. Thank the nominating blogger(s)
  2. Give 11 facts about yourself
  3. Answer the 11 questions he or she asks
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award, preferably bloggers with fewer than 500 followers
  5. Ask these bloggers 11 questions
  6. Let these bloggers know that you’ve nominated them

 It’s an Honor Just to Be Nominated

I hear movie and television stars say this all the time. However, I know they are full of it and don’t mean it. I am no star of the stage and screen. I mean it when I say it’s cool my Nominators thought of me. I truly appreciate it. My Dear Reader, I honestly enjoy all of their blogs. I hope you can check them out.

My Amazing Nominators:

Kiwi Bee Blogger

Scribbles of Ju (Google Chrome will translate her page for you if you need it.)

General Gibberish

Laura Gabrielle Feasey 

Euphonic Charity

Embrace the Chaos 

Musings of a Young Adult

Stories and Stuff

 Facts about Me:

  • I like to travel.
  • I believe in the Burger King mantra, “Have it your way”. I like things my way. It’s just how I roll.
  • I’ve never owned a pet.
  • I don’t like revolving doors.
  • I don’t own a television.
  • I’ve been honored by the President of the United States.
  • Sunflowers are my favorite flower followed by tulips and lilies. I don’t like star gazer lilies because they smell bad. Orchids stink too, but they are such pretty flowers. Not pretty enough to keep around because of the smell. I hate when I walk in a grocery store, and I smell those flowers. It makes me sad. I don’t know why they smell so bad. Sometimes it turns me off to the other flowers.  On the other hand, I like the smell of magnolias; they are such pretty flowers and trees.
  • I tend to go off on tangents.
  • I love the theatre.
  • I am an internet junkie.
  • I am terribly clumsy and forgetful.

Instead of doing 11 questions from each Nominator; I’m going to answer some questions from all of my Nominators’ lists. I’m just going to write the answers because I’m too lazy to type the question and answer.

1.  One of the best books I’ve read recently was “The Alchemist”.

2. My least favorite word is moist.

3. I usually write my posts at night.

4. Toe socks are good. Very good.

5. I don’t believe in soul mates. I do believe in love.

6. I don’t believe in Bigfoot.

7. My favorite season is the Fall. All the color and nice weather then Thanksgiving then Christmas.

8. My first thought when I wake up is, “I gotta go to the bathroom.”

9. The best place to visit in my city is the riverfront.

10. My top 5 dream vacations are Hawaii (the state not just the Big Island), London, Egypt, Zambia, and Italy. I know some are cities, a state, and countries, but I want to do it all.

11. My current general ringtone is the theme song for ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’.

And the Nominations from K. Renae P. Are

6 thoughts on “Liebster Award: The Blog Award that Ruined Me for All Other Blog Awards

    • It was. It was the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. One of the best things that ever happened to me. I got to shake his hand.

      He’s really tall.

  1. If you’re ever in Chicago again, give me a heads up. My partner works for a prominent theater company and is always getting free tickets to shows that often go unused. We can hook you up!

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