lost, scared

searching, traveling, hoping

finding a new home


-K. Renae P.


In the early 1600s, the French started a colony, Acadia (now called Nova Scotia), in New France.  Great Britain also found value in Acadia, and the Acadians often found themselves in the middle of the French and English empires fighting for control over the land.  In the early 1700s, the British took control over Acadia. Later, the British deported many of the Acadians because they refused to swear allegiance to Britain. This forced migration was known as the Great Expulsion or Le Grand Dérangement. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote an epic poem this about this human migration called Evangeline. Many Acadians chose relocate to the French-colonized territory called Louisiana. These Louisiana Acadians later became known as Cajuns. The Cajuns developed a very unique culture while living in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana.

Monument to Acadians in St. Martinville, Louisiana

Monument to Acadians in St. Martinville, Louisiana

After reading today’s Daily Post, I thought about the Cajuns and Cajun food which is hot, spicy, and delicious. I decided to write a ‘word cinquain’ about Cajun history. Using poetry is a great way to share information in a creative way.

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